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Simplify Privacy Compliance, Build Customer Trust

Captain Compliance provides a user-friendly platform backed by privacy professionals. We simplify the process of navigating regulations, giving your customers transparent choices, and building essential trust for your organization.

Easily Manage Your Company’s Privacy Compliance

How Captain Compliance Can Improve Your Company’s Privacy

Privacy work is tough, with new rules to follow all the time, limited help, and the need to work with different parts of the company. It’s like being in several tough spots at once. Captain Compliance helps by handling the boring, repetitive parts of the job, allowing you to focus on the important issues that need your personal touch. Here’s how it works.


Scan any website for privacy risks

Perform cookie scans of any websites and generate detailed cookie reports

01 Assess your own website…or the websites you visit:

Scan your own website to build a cookie inventory, or assess the privacy posture of third-party websites.

02 Get fast, actionable insights:

Access scan results instantly and leverage detailed reports to streamline compliance efforts.

Captain Compliance Scanner
Captain Compliance Scanner


Build a privacy trust center

Generate and customize a cookie transparency page for your websites.

01 Build trust and demonstrate compliance:

Establish trust by proactively sharing your cookie and tracking practices with your website visitors.

02 Effortless maintenance, always up-to-date:

Save your energy – we’ll host and automatically update your branded transparency page for you.


Simplify privacy notice and consent

Create and customize cookie consent banners for your websites.

01 Customize and deploy dynamic consent banners:

Design geography-based cookie consent banners and deploy them to your website with just a few clicks.

02 Determine and respect your visitor’s preferences:

Provide your visitors with clear privacy choices, and respect their tracking preferences automatically.

Captain Compliance Scanner


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Online Privacy Compliance Made Easy

Captain Compliance makes it easy to develop, oversee, and expand your privacy program. Book a demo or start a free 30-day trial now.