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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I check cookies on my websites?

Cookies can collect personal data that can identify users. According to the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive, websites must obtain explicit consent from users before collecting such data. To ensure your website’s compliance with cookie usage, Captain Compliance’s software tools can help you identify all cookies used on a website as we classify first party and third party cookies. From there we can advise and help you take the necessary steps to meet regulatory requirements. 

A cookie scanner is a tool that scans a website to identify and categorize all cookies present. It generates a detailed cookie audit report, listing each cookie found and its characteristics. These are then classified and detailed for you in an easy to read format. 

To scan for cookies on a website, you can use the free cookie scanner tool by Captain Compliance and scan your site’s URL. You will get a cookie audit report with a detailed list of all the cookies listed in first party and third party classifications. We also provide the cookie duration, and description/purpose.

The Captain Compliance website cookie checker scans your website URL,  identifying all cookies set on the website. It categorizes cookies based on their properties and matches them against its in-built database, generating a detailed audit report. Cookies are classified as Strictly Necessary, Functionality, Targeting, and Performance. The report includes information about each cookie’s ID, domain, duration, and description. We have classified thousands of cookies and if any are unknown we will help to identify them. 

To check cookies on a website, you can scan the site’s URL using the free Captain Compliance cookie scanner. The scan results will provide a categorized list of cookies as Necessary, Functional, Analytics, Performance, and Advertisement.

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