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AdRoll is responsible for the AR_V4 cookie you're trying to identify. If you need help with consent, cookie scanning,or data privacy issues then you can always reach out to our experts here at Captain Compliance and our super hero team is here to help with any compliance issue you are facing. Now back to Adroll: _ar_v4: This cookie is instrumental in enabling conversion tracking, audience segmentation, and ad personalization. It stores data such as how users respond to ads across different sites in the AdRoll network and measures the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. By analyzing user interactions with ads, AdRoll can attribute website conversions to specific ads and optimize campaigns for better performance. AdRoll is a popular advertising platform that specializes in retargeting, which allows businesses to target ads to users who have previously visited their website. The platform uses various cookies to track user behavior, optimize ad performance, and ensure that ads are shown to the right audience. Below is an explanation of other common AdRoll cookies you may find in a cookie policy:

1._adroll: This cookie is used to identify and track users as they navigate different websites that are part of the AdRoll advertising network. The information collected can include which ads were shown, how frequently they were shown, when and where they were shown, and whether the user took any action, such as clicking on an ad. This data helps in optimizing ad campaigns and making them more relevant to users.

    2._adroll_shared: This cookie facilitates the sharing of user behavior data among various advertisers within the AdRoll network. It’s designed to improve ad targeting across different campaigns and advertisers by leveraging shared insights about user preferences and interactions. This cookie helps in creating a more cohesive advertising experience, allowing for more personalized and effectively targeted ads based on aggregated user data.

    3._adroll_fpc: Standing for “First-Party Cookie,” this cookie is set on the domain of the website the user is visiting. It’s used to track user behavior on that specific website, including pages visited and actions taken. This information is crucial for creating retargeting campaigns that are highly relevant to the user’s interests and previous interactions with the website.

    Together, these cookies are key components of AdRoll’s retargeting and advertising strategy. They collect and utilize user data to make online advertising more efficient and relevant, enhancing the overall user experience by serving ads that are likely to be of interest based on past online behavior. However, it’s important for users to be aware of these tracking mechanisms and understand their privacy rights, including how to manage cookie preferences and opt out of targeted advertising if desired.

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