__stripe_sid Cookie: How Does It Work

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Several sites employ the payment services of third parties to enable secure e-commerce transactions on their website. Many payment processors use cookies to ensure safe transactions and protect consumers’ information. Cookies like __stripe_sid play a pivotal role in this process. So, how does it work?

__stripe_sid is a cookie the payment processor Stripe uses to screen browsers and devices that access their site and others. The __stripe_sid cookie is imperative for sniffing out malicious traffic and a necessary layer of security.

We’ll cover the functions of the __stripe_sid cookie, everything it does to protect us during our transactions with Stripe, and how long it lasts on a browser.

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Stripe is a payment processing software that businesses can implement on their site to manage payments and subscriptions and serve in fraud prevention. Stripe places identifier cookies, such as __stripe_sid, to assign an ID and collect information about a user’s browser or device.

This information is vital in identifying fraud attempts and other illegal uses of Stripe. Businesses that use Stripe send your payment information to them through an encrypted channel, where they verify it and review the information collected with __stripe_sid.

Without cookies like __stripe_sid, preventing fraudulent payments would be much more complex and could compromise the security of the business.

The __stripe_sid cookie is only placed when a user begins their purchase process on a Stripe site. After being placed and relaying information to Stripe during the payment process, the __stripe_sid cookie only lasts for thirty minutes.

Since this cookie is only used for the duration of the transaction, it is automatically removed after thirty minutes. In that time, Stripe can determine the safety of the browser accessing their services.

How Can Captain Compliance Help You?

If your business utilizes payment processing software like Stripe, you may not be sure why they use cookies like __stripe_sid. Stripe ensures a secured transaction and protects your business and themselves from fraud with the data collected by __stripe_sid.

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