_clck Cookie: What Are These Cookies?

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In the digital realm, cookies play an essential role. Among them is a cookie known as _clck that holds an essential role for businesses.

This cookie comes from none other than Microsoft Clarity and operates behind our screens while providing better user experiences for users of the website and more accurate analytics for businesses!

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The _clck cookie might sound like a fancy code, but it’s really not that complicated. This little guy is delivered straight from Microsoft Clarity and operates in the background while you enjoy browsing websites like the _clsk cookie.

But what does this cookie actually do? The primary job of _clck cookies involves creating unique IDs for each user when they visit different web pages online – almost as if giving everyone their specific ‘name tag’ in the digital world!

This helps the business differentiate between someone who has already visited the website and new visitors to the website. Additionally, the cookie helps to track where exactly people go on the website.

This makes it super valuable for businesses since they can understand how users are using their websites. For example, if lots of people click on the ‘About Us’ section, that’s probably a popular spot!

Before you start worrying, though – let’s clarify one thing: _clck cookies actually store no personal data. They don’t know who you are or anything specific about your identity.

This particular type of cookie is like an undercover spy providing vital information to make our online interactivity more enjoyable and efficient without compromising our privacy!

Let’s talk about how long the _clck cookie hangs around. The lifespan of these cookies is pretty straightforward – they stick around for a total period of one year after being activated.

This means that from the moment it steps on your browser, it will stick to your browser until exactly 365 days later when its function concludes.

However, you can choose to remove this cookie on your own before that one-year mark in your browser settings if you wish. You have the control over that.


The _clck cookie is a website cookie created by Microsoft Clarity that gives businesses more accurate analytics.

Though it sticks around for up to one year after being activated in our devices without collecting any PII, their purpose essentially is to gather accurate analytical data for businesses!

So, while they help enhance your web browsing experience and aid businesses in making data-driven decisions, the privacy of individual users is never compromised!

You can choose to remove these cookies from your browser through your browser settings earlier, though.

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