What is the _cltk Cookie? (What You Must Know)

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If you are unfamiliar with cookies, cookies like the _cltk cookie are a great example of what cookies do and how they work. Businesses utilize them to track and store data from your time on their site. So, what is the _cltk cookie? And what does it do?

The _cltk cookie is part of a list of cookies employed by businesses that utilize Microsoft Clarity on their website. These cookies store user IDs, preferences, and interactions to give businesses a better idea of how consumers are behaving on their sites.

Let’s cover the function of the _cltk cookie and how long you can expect it to remain on your browser.

The _cltk cookie is an analytics cookie placed on users’ browsers by Microsoft Clarity and tracks users’ specific interactions with a site assigned to that user’s particular ID. Businesses use Microsoft Clarity to record user session data and better understand their interactions with their sites.

This process starts with the unique user ID that Microsoft Clarity assigns to a consumer the first time they visit a site. This ID is how Clarity can distinguish your website views and preferences and assign them to you within a business’s database.

Cookies like _cltk go a long way in optimizing our experience on websites and helping business improve their site quality overall. After Clarity uses _cltk to track your interactions, the data is stored in a business’s database and helps create informative metrics for that business.

Businesses can use these metrics to determine what is performing well on their site and what is not and find areas to improve. Not only will this help the business perform better, but it will enhance your experience on their site.

This Microsoft cookie is a functional cookie.

The _cltk cookie only lasts for a single session. Since the _cltk cookie’s function only tracks a user’s interaction within a single session, it is no longer needed.

Cookies like _cltk are only focused on session-by-session data, so they are only required to have a minimal life span.

Last Words

Businesses use Microsoft Clarity and cookies like the _cltk cookie to track and record user session data. By assigning data to a specific user through user IDs, clarity uses _cltk to track your interactions with a site within a single session and disappears after that.

The information from these sessions can be beneficial for a business to identify any strong or weak points on their site and help determine where they need to focus their optimization efforts.

As a result, you as a user will have an improved experience along with the business seeing enhanced performance of their site.

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