How Does the _fbc Cookie Work? (The Answer)

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If you have ever wondered how advertisements work with social media sites, you have come to the right place. The answer is cookies, and more specifically, the _fbc cookie can give you some insight into this process.

The _fbc cookie is a third-party cookie placed by Facebook and is identified as the cookie that tracks clicks. Facebook and advertisers use this cookie to identify and determine the source and success of their marketing.

This article will cover precisely what the _fbc cookie does and how long it will last on your browser before being deleted.

Let’s get started.

The _fbc cookie is a third-party cookie placed by Facebook and identifies the link that a user clicks to travel to a site that utilizes first-party cookies. With this information, advertisers can track what campaign links on Facebook send users to their site.

In terms of advertising and marketing, this information can be great for measuring the success of certain campaigns and ads. By measuring specifically what link a user clicked to travel between sites, advertisers know what campaign is working to cause users to complete this action.

The _fbc cookie can last up to two years of tracking clicks on your browser. This cookie thoroughly details exactly what link leads you to browse certain sites.

Over months or years, this can help advertisers improve their campaigns by providing helpful info to measure each advertisement’s success and popularity.


The _fbc cookie is a minimally-invasive cookie that advertisers can use in cooperation with Facebook to track the success of their campaigns down to the source.

This cookie only tracks your clicks and seeks to identify what link leads you to travel to their site from Facebook ads. In the future, advertisers can utilize this information to better understand what ads lead consumers to their site.

As many of us see hundreds of ads daily, we can also benefit from this process. Your clicks will help advertisers create more campaigns that appeal to you and enhance your ad experience.

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