_fbp Cookie: All The Information You Need

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Are you always shocked at how websites like Facebook seem to know exactly what websites you’ve been viewing? Understanding cookies like the _fbp cookie can help you understand this process as a consumer or a business.

The _fbp cookie is another advertising and an analytics-focused cookie that Facebook sets on consumers’ browsers to track their behavior. While it may seem invasive, Facebook has developed this first-party cookie and many others to improve its advertising.

Read on to find out about this cookie’s specific purpose and how long it lasts on your browser to track and report your behaviour.

Let’s dive in.

What is the Purpose of _fbp?

The purpose of _fbp is rooted entirely in Facebook’s advertising and analytics efforts. This cookie is a first-party cookie, meaning Facebook placed it while a consumer is on Facebook.

This cookie tracks a user’s visits across different websites and reports that behavior to Facebook. Facebook can then use the data it collects to understand that user better and show better, more relevant advertising.

The _fbp cookie does not collect personally identifiable information and is placed by Facebook only to send data back to themselves.

When Does _fbp Expire?

The _fbp cookie only lasts for around three months before it is automatically deleted from a user’s browser. During this time, a user’s browsing and viewing activity will be recorded and viewable by Facebook.

At any time, a consumer can clear all cookies off their browser to remove _fbp, and Facebook will no longer be able to track their behavior.


Facebook utilizes cookies like this to offer a better advertising experience while on their site. This is because if you use Facebook ad links to make purchases, Facebook will profit as well.

Your business can allow and utilize Facebook’s first-party cookies on your site to ensure that users visiting your site will have a higher chance of seeing your ads.

While it may seem intimidating, Facebook does not intend to invade anybody’s privacy and simply seeks to collect data to better your experience while on its site.

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