_js_datr Cookie: Facebook’s Cookie Explained

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Businesses and consumers alike must deepen their understanding of cookies and their specific functions. Cookies like _js_datr are common cookies that you may find in your browsers, but what do they do? You’ll learn everything you need to know here.

_js_datr is a common cookie found on Facebook users’ browsers to save their preferences. Including a detailed description of cookies like this in your privacy policy is a great way to inform consumers and show your dedication to proper data collection practices.

We’ll cover the _js_datr cookie’s purpose and source and how long you can expect it to last on a consumer’s browser.

The _js_datr cookie is an advertising cookie originated from Facebook that is saved on browsers to track user preferences. User preference cookies track data that can provide insights into what settings and customization match a specific consumer’s preferences.

This cookie is part of Facebook’s embedded services for targeted advertising or to measure the performance of specific ad campaigns. The cookie will save a consumer’s preferences, for example, a brand’s site that they visit frequently and then show ads to that user from that specific brand.

When Does the _js_datr Expire?

The _js_datr cookie expires two years after being inserted into your browser. This cookie will remain on a browser, tracking the preference and behaviour of the user unless removed manually.

Consumers can remove this cookie by clearing cookies from their browsers. In this case, any of the preferences that the cookie has saved will be removed.


The _js_datr cookie is embedded into a browser, originating from Facebook and tracks user preferences across different sites. Typically, this cookie uses these preferences for targeted advertising purposes.

The cookie does not collect personally identifiable information and will expire automatically after two years, so it is not considered harmful.

Instead, this cookie saves preferences explicitly designed to help consumers have a smoother, more personalized advertising experience on Facebook and other sites.

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