Regulatory Compliance Challenges MSBs Face in 2024/2025

Money Services Businesses (MSBs) play a crucial role in our financial ecosystem domestically and globally. They offer a wide range of financial services, including money transfers, currency exchange, and check cashing. Using an outsourced compliance officer is one way to help handle the ever expanding bandwidth of increasing regulations. You may know the common banks and transfer […]

Minnesota Consumer Privacy Act (MCPA) Cheat Guide

More data privacy laws are coming in state by state while we wait for the potential Federal ADPA to be passed. Below is a cheat guide with bullet points to help explain the provisions and obligations for the Minnesota Consumer Privacy Act which will go into effect on July 31st of next year. Overview: Key […]

fpestid Cookie

In a cookie notice or privacy policy you may have noticed the cookie “fpestid” listed and wanted to know what it means? This is used by popular social sharing service “”. The purpose of the Fpestid Cookie is that it’s a ShareThis cookie ID set in the domain of the website operator. Its duration is […]

Tennessee Information Protection Act (TIPA): All You Need to Know

The Tennessee Information Protection Act (TIPA) is a state-specific data privacy law aimed at protecting the personal information of Tennessee residents. Understanding TIPA is crucial for businesses operating in Tennessee or handling data of Tennessee residents. This guide provides an overview of TIPA, its key provisions, compliance requirements, and useful resources. Overview of TIPA The […]

__utmz Cookie: What is It & What Does it Do?

how to implement cookie consent on your website

The __utmz cookie is part of the Google Analytics tracking system and is used to store information about the traffic source or campaign that explains how a user reached your site. Here’s a breakdown of what the __utmz cookie does and its components: Purpose of the __utmz Cookie Information Stored in the __utmz Cookie The […]

Data Insight Discovery: How to Go From Data to Insights

Data Insights

Responsibly handling data after gaining valuable insights and how long you can retain certain data is dependent on the jurisdiction in which you are collecting information. In today’s data-driven world, transforming raw data into actionable insights and managing in a compliant way is crucial for effective governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). Data insights empower […]

Crafting Data Compliance Excellence: Captain Compliance’s Data Discovery Framework

Captain Compliance’s Data Discovery Framework is designed to ensure top-notch data compliance by systematically identifying, classifying, and managing data across an organization. This framework helps in achieving regulatory compliance, mitigating risks, and enhancing data governance practices. We’ve developed a 100 point detailed survey that helps to identify gaps in your data and can implement privacy […]

__cfduid Cookie Description

Cloudflare Cookie

The _cfduid cookie is utilized by sites as a traffic controller. With the ID the _cfduid cookie provides, your site can successfully identify bots or unsafe traffic and block their entry. The _cfduid cookie is a cookie set by the Cloudflare service. Cloudflare is a web infrastructure and website security company that provides content delivery […]

Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management

When it comes to compliance with regulatory bodies, many of us forget that those laws don’t just apply to us. They also apply to the companies we choose to work with. From the top down look at Vendor Risk Management like the chart above. You need to manage the following 5 tiers: Even if your […]

DPIA Guide

Captain Compliances Data Protection Impact Assessment Guide

Welcome to the Captain Compliance Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) section! We understand that ensuring your business website or app is compliant with data privacy laws can be complicated, but we’re here to help.  A DPIA is an assessment used to identify and manage the risks posed by a data processing activity. It requires organiations […]