How to Choose a Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Framework

Positives and negatives of vendor risk management

Reliance on third-party relationships increases risks for businesses. To manage risks with vendors, suppliers, partners, and affiliates, companies need a solid third-party risk framework. This article explains what a third-party risk management (TPRM) framework entails and provides guidance on choosing one. We explain why TPRM is important to avoid penalties and reputational damage due to third-party […]

What Does a Compliance Group Do? (Their Role & Duties)

compliance group

A compliance group dedicated to your business interests is indispensable. Most businesses, especially small-scale ones, assume they do not need a compliance group or need clarification about what it entails and how to set up one. In this article, we will explain what a compliance group is, its roles and duties, and whether you should […]

Brazil LGPD vs GDPR: What Are The Differences?


The existence of over 100 data protection laws underscores the importance of protecting personal data. Although there are lots of similarities between the Brazil LGPD vs GDPR, there are nuances that set them apart. If you run a global or local business with a global reach, figuring out what laws apply can be confusing. We’re here […]

The Ultimate Third-Party Risk Assessment Checklist


As data breaches and supply chain attacks increase, rigorous third-party risk assessments are more crucial than ever. These assessments are only effective with a detailed checklist that examines all potential risk areas. This article will provide a comprehensive guide for creating a third-party risk assessment checklist. We’ll cover the importance of checklists for third-party risk […]

Mastering TPRM Mitigation: Strategies for a Secure Business Ecosystem


Thanks to globalization and digital transformation, businesses increasingly rely on external vendors, suppliers, and service providers as they expand. Third-party risk management (TPRM) mitigation is necessary in the wake of the business’s exposure to third-party risks, even to the fourth party. Research by the Ponemon Institute found that 74% of businesses that experienced a data […]