Protecting Consumer Privacy: A Guide to Personal Information Under CPRA


The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) is one of the most advanced pieces of data protection legislation in the digital era and covers a broad range of categories related to personal and public data. Personal information under the CPRA is clearly protected under stringent laws, but many businesses are still in the blue on what […]

How to Implement Google Tag Manager Cookie Consent

how to implement google tag manager cookie consent

Are you looking for an effective way to get users’ permission before collecting their data? Well, that’s what you’ll learn in this article. Now with the help of Captain Compliance you can learn How to Install Consent Mode V2 with Google Tag Manager (GTM) which is undergoing changes that you will need to keep track […]

Best Cookie Consent Solution: Top 9 Picks

best cookie consent solution

With the number and scope of data privacy regulations constantly increasing, ensuring cookie compliance is becoming increasingly difficult. As a website owner, you’ll want the best cookie consent solutions to manage your site’s cookie policy and consent so you can avoid hefty fines. But what is the best cookie consent solution? And how do you […]

What is a Privacy Strategy? (Everything You Need to Know)

what is a privacy strategy

With an increasing number of businesses dealing with large scales of consumer data, following multiple regional data privacy regulations has become a challenge. This is why businesses are shifting towards a holistic approach to creating a data privacy strategy that encompasses different regulatory requirements. But what is a data privacy strategy, and why is it […]

What is a Privacy Consultant? (Role, Duties, & More)

privacy consultant

Updated March 22, 2024 With the growth of new state privacy laws in the USA with 14 states and counting with laws and laws in the works it’s important to utilize a Data Privacy Consulting firm. With only time stopping us from reaching 50 states and 50 different privacy laws just for the USA and […]

What is a Cyber Security Compliance Framework? (The Ultimate Guide)

cyber security compliance framework

Protecting your business’s sensitive data and following cyber security regulations can be complex. According to some reports, only 25% of businesses are confident that they can withstand a cyber attack. Knowing the important cyber security frameworks can help you with this.  Cyber security frameworks can provide businesses with guidelines and best practices to help businesses comply with […]

How to Become a Compliance Officer (Ultimate Guide with Steps)

how to become a compliance officer

With many industries adopting more stringent regulations, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to stay compliant, and as a result, compliance officers are in high demand. Compliance officers ensure businesses stay compliant with legal and internal regulations. If that sounds interesting to you, then in this article, you’ll learn how to become a compliance officer. […]

PCI Compliance Services: What You Must Know

pci compliance services

Online data protection laws are becoming more stringent, and businesses have to be compliant with several regulations to avoid data breaches and fines. If your business deals with the payment card information of consumers, you’ll need PCI compliance services. This will ensure your business is compliant with the Payment Card Information Digital Security Standard (PCI […]

Navigating Data Mapping Rules: A Comprehensive Guide


Dealing with large data flows is something many businesses struggle with. This leads to problems like data loss, risk of data leakages and duplicate data. To avoid these issues, businesses implement data mapping rules which help outline data flows. Data mapping rules refer to a set of procedures that help assess the type of data […]

Understanding the Data Landscape: The Data Discovery Process


Over the past couple of decades, the importance of data has multiplied exponentially. More industries are relying on data analysis for decision-making, and those that don’t are being left behind. However, on average, more than 80% of business data is unstructured and unsuitable for decision-making. This is where the data discovery process comes in. The […]