DPIA GDPR Template

GDPR DPIA Example Perfect Examples of DPIAs

Captain Compliance Helps You Find The Best Template Out There Every time your business gathers, uses or keeps customer data for any project, product, or service, their privacy could be at risk. A Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) helps businesses become more aware of the data protection and privacy challenges that they’re facing. A DPIA […]

Records of Processing Activities Examples (Best Examples)

Understanding and maintaining accurate Records of Processing Activities (RoPA) is an essential part of complying with GDPR regulations. In this article, we’ll explain what a RoPA is, why you should create one, and what it includes, and we’ll also give you some Records of Processing Activities examples from different industries to better understand this important document. […]

What is the Meaning of Opt Out? (Definitive Answer & Examples)

what is the meaning of opt out

Opt out? Opt Down? What about all of these options on these consent banners that I’m seeing that are asking me if I want to allow all? In this all encompassing Opt Out guide we will educate you about the differences and how words can be interchanged but have the same intention to Allow, Accept, […]

Cookie Consent Design: How to Design an Effective Banner?

cookie consent design

Let’s be brutally honest for a second. Cookie consent banners are often a terrible thing for user experience. They are annoying and completely ruin the customer’s journey. Find me a consumer or a business that enjoys dealing with cookie consent banners. You can’t. But what if we can make cookie consent design better and work […]

Cookie Consent Banner Requirements: Ultimate Guide

cookie consent banner requirements

With many data privacy laws requiring placing cookie consent banners for your visitors, it can be hard to know what these banners should include. In this article, we’ll look at the most important cookie consent banner requirements you should watch out for. Let’s dig in. Key Takeaways Cookie consent banners inform the consumer about the […]

Drafting Your CPRA Privacy Policy: A Comprehensive Guide


If you operate a business in California or if you collect personal data from consumers in California, you must abide by the terms of the California Privacy Rights Act. This means you must have a CPRA privacy policy on your website to avoid legal consequences for yourself and your business. In this article, we’ll give […]

CCPA vs GDPR: Data Privacy in Motion


The need to protect the consumer’s data privacy has increased significantly over the last several years. This need has given rise to several data privacy laws and regulations, two of which (CCPA and GDPR) we are going to discuss in this article. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started. Data Privacy Throughout the […]

Mexico Data Protection Law: What is it & How to Comply?


More and more countries are introducing data compliance laws. One country that has recently released a fairly new data protection law is Mexico. Mexico’s data protection law covers all 126.7 million people living there. It’s essential to follow all the regulations set by this compliance framework because it is one of the most comprehensive data […]

Data Risk Assessment (What is it & Steps to do it)


The more data you have about your consumers, the better you can understand their needs. However, while you store or manage their data, your consumers expect that you protect it adequately. A data risk assessment tells you if you’re doing a solid job of protecting their data from all the potential threats present in and […]

Data Protection Officer Costs (Ultimate Guide)


Does your company handle sensitive data or is involved in data monitoring of individuals? Then it will typically be required to hire a DPO according to regulatory standards like the GDPR. How much will this cost you? That’s what we’ll answer in this article. If this is your first time hiring a DPO, here’s what […]