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With the number and scope of data privacy regulations constantly increasing, ensuring cookie compliance is becoming increasingly difficult. As a website owner, you’ll want the best cookie consent solutions to manage your site’s cookie policy and consent so you can avoid hefty fines.

But what is the best cookie consent solution? And how do you choose a solution to manage your site’s cookie consent?

We’ve reviewed some of the top cookie consent solutions based on reliability, ease of use, and other factors. In this article, we’ll share our top picks and give you advice on how to choose the best cookie consent management system.

Let’s dive right in.

Key Takeaways

Cookie Consent solutions help businesses collect and manage cookie consent in addition to designing and hosting consent banners

The best cookie consent solutions can easily be integrated with any CMS and ensure compliance with most major data privacy regulations.

Knowing which types of cookies your site uses and the data privacy laws your business falls under is crucial for cookie consent.

what is a cookie consent solution.png

what is a cookie consent solution.png

A cookie consent solution is a service or tool that helps businesses manage their cookie consent. Cookie consent solutions can be consent compliance software, banner tools, or specialized consent services that help with cookie privacy.

A cookie consent solution helps ensure your website is in compliance with relevant regulations with regard to cookie collection. For example, if your business operates in the EU, it will have to have a cookie consent banner that is in compliance with the GDPR.

However, cookie consent solutions provide more than simply designing a cookie banner. They also help websites create privacy policies that detail how data is collected, stored, and transmitted.

More sophisticated cookie consent solutions can help with custom banner design. Let’s say you don’t want a simple GDPR-compliant banner with an “accept” and “reject” option. You can always have a custom banner designed, allowing users to customize their cookie consent.

9 best cookie consent solutions.png

9 best cookie consent solutions.png

Below are our best cookie consent solutions and what they’re best for. We haven’t ranked them in terms of effectiveness, as no single solution is perfect for all websites. Always weigh the pros and cons of each solution before making a choice.

Here are the 9 best cookie consent solutions:

1. Cookiebot: Best for Small Business Websites

CookieBot is a cookie consent tool that helps generate cookie consent forms and banners for any website. It’s a cloud-based service that will scan your site and generate consent forms based on the data privacy regulatory framework it falls under

You can add more information about your site during the scanning process, including the scope of business, revenue model, legislative requirements, and more. The tool will then generate a cookie content banner to ensure compliance based on the information you provide.

What’s nice about this consent tool is that the basic features are free for sites with less than 100 pages. The pricing model is also based on the number of pages on your site. 

So, if you have a small business site or are just starting a new website and don’t yet have any steady traffic, this CookieBot’s consent tool is useful.


Free scanning and cookie banner generation for small sites.

Automatic updates in response to regulatory changes.

Easily accessible consent database.

Affordable pricing model.


Banner customization is manual.

Analytics feature is only available in the paid version

The CookieBot logo shows on the consent form.

2. CookieYes: Best for Direct CMS Integration

According to some metrics, CookieYes is the most popular cookie consent tool. It’s a WordPress plugin that’s hosted on over 1.2 million websites globally. CookieYes can help generate consent banners that are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations.

It works seamlessly with most popular CMS systems, although there is an option to integrate it with custom websites.

To get started with CookieYes, you’ll need to fill in a questionnaire about your site. Be as detailed as possible, or you’ll end up getting a banner that’s not compliant with the relevant regulations.

Once you fill in the questionnaire and scan your site, CookieYes will generate a list of cookies and a line of code for your site’s cookie consent banner. What makes this tool popular is that you can use the free version for sites that get less than 25,000 monthly visits. It’s also one of the more affordable consent management tools.


Simple integration with any CMS.

Most popular and reliable consent tool.

Free version available.

Scans your site and compiles a cookie list for free.


The service logo can only be removed through the most expensive plan.

It doesn’t come with advanced analysis tools.

If you have a large business website that operates in different localities, the Osano consent management system is ideal. It’s one of the more popular cookie content solutions and can ensure compliance with most major regulations, including the GDPR and CCPA.

Like most other consent management tools, most of Osano’s best features are only available in the premium plan. With this, you can get advanced cookie tracking tools, contractual guarantees, and automatic updates. 

Many larger enterprise websites use Osano, so it can be trusted.

However, its main downside is the pricing. The free plan is only available for 5000 page visits, and the enterprise plan is more costly than competitors. If you’re looking for an affordable consent management tool, it’s best to check out other options.


Includes advanced features like cookie tracking, risk reporting, and SLA guarantees.

Ensures compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD.

Has cookie consent customization features.

Provides automatic adjustment with several languages.


Free plan only allows for 5000 visits.

Is more costly than other cookie consent tools.

4. OneTrust: Best for GDPR Compliance

OneTrust is another reliable cookie compliance tool used for cookie tracking, banner creation, and other aspects of consent management. It can be used for compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and other regulations.

OneTrust will scan your site to categorize the cookies and has several cookie pop-up templates to choose from. It also has a tracking blocker feature, which will prevent the site from activating cookies until the user gives consent.

This feature makes it perfect for GDPR compliance.

What really stands out about this tool is that the company hosts a cookie categorization tool called Cookiepedia. This is perfect for helping simplify technical compliance terminology so you’re 100% sure that your site is fully compliant.


Simple interface makes it one of the better tools for beginners.

It has a tracking blocker feature for GDPR compliance.

The Cookiepedia database simplifies technical jargon.

There’s a free option with basic features for smaller websites.


You’ll need coding knowledge to block specific trackers.

The free version is very limited.

PiwikPro is a marketing automation company that offers a consent management tool. This tool helps categorize cookies, insert a cookie consent banner on your site, and offers user interaction tracking.

If you use the PikwikPro system for user analysis, you can integrate it with the cookie consent system for streamlined compliance. You’ll get consent banners allowing users to customize cookie preferences and even withdraw their consent.

If you have an e-commerce or business website and need advanced cookie-tracking features, this tool is ideal.

However, one downside of this tool is that it only works with PikwikPro cookies, so unless you have full integration with their other tools, it’s not that valuable.


Has advanced cookie tracking and consent management features.

Ensures compliance with most global regulations.

Well-streamlined support system.


It’s one of the more expensive tools.

This tool only works with PikwikPro cookies.

Enzuzo is one of the more well-rounded cookie consent solutions and provides everything from legal consultation to cookie banner creation. Their tools are primarily focused on easy integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Enzuzo’s consent banners can be designed to ensure compliance with the CCPA, GDPR, and most other regulations. It’s also available in more than 25 languages to cater to global businesses.

If you’re running an e-commerce site, you’ll find these features quite useful considering the necessary cookie collection. They also regularly update their software according to legal changes and have a live support team.

However, many of the advanced customization solutions take time to integrate, and you’ll need some technical knowledge to do this smoothly. This tool is also more expensive than similar consent solutions.


Easy integration with e-commerce platforms.

Includes several advanced features, including cookie customization

The consent solutions are constantly updated.


It’s fairly expensive compared to similar solutions.

Advanced integrations require technical knowledge.

Choice by Quantcast is a cookie consent solution that is part of the Quantcast consumer behavioral analysis system. It offers cookie scanning and categorization as well as several other consent management features.

What really stands out about this tool is that it’s completely free. And unlike other consent tools, you can use most of the necessary features in the free version. Qunatcast runs most of its business on its behavioral analysis system, and the cookie manager is well integrated with this. 

The cookie categorization tool is also cloud-based, so you can simply paste your URL and allow the tool to scan your site. This is perfect if you aren’t sure which cookies your site hosts.

However, be warned that Quantcast Choice is part of the Quantcast behavioral analysis system, and it may collect cookie data as a third party.


It will easily categorize all cookies used by a site.

The consent management tool is completely free.

Allows users to customize cookie consent.


They collect cookie data as a third party.

Most of the advanced integrations come with a paid behavioral analysis solution.

8. TrustArc: Best for International Compliance

If your business operates globally and you need a single solution to ensure complete compliance, the TrustArc tool is ideal. You’ll have the option for an interactive banner design, which is available in more than 45 languages.

The tool is also hosted on the TrustArc website, and you’ll get a simple API integration. Also, the cookie banner design and consent management system are based on a prior website scan for customized banners.

Since this solution is implemented in 45 different languages, the tools are constantly reviewed by legal experts to ensure international regulatory compliance.


Available in 45 different languages.

Simple API integration.

Cloud-based systems are kept up to date by experts.


The customization options are limited in scope.

There’s no free plan.

A simple cookie banner integration may be enough for your business site if it operates in a limited area or doesn’t get too many visitors. However, you won’t be able to implement these solutions without expert advice in most cases.

This is why it’s better to use a consultation service that provides advice on cookie consent best practices and other data compliance solutions. At Captain Compliance, we offer custom cookie consent solutions, site audits, risk assessments, and other compliance solutions.

We’ll do a complete audit of your business to determine which regulations it falls under and draft a cookie policy accordingly. Our cookie consent solutions are managed by dedicated experts, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your consent policies are up to date. 


Dedicated custom consent solutions in line with the best practices.

Website data collection and privacy audits.

Ensures compliance with all major regulations.


No automated content management tool.

Choosing a cookie consent solution without technical knowledge of regulatory compliance can be difficult. Most consent management solutions offer similar products, and it’s difficult to choose one that suits your site.

However, there are some things that every cookie consent solution should ideally have. These range from cookie scanning and categorization to actually implementing and reviewing the consent solution.

Here are 5 things to look for in a cookie consent solution:

Compliance With Most Major Regulations

The first thing to consider before choosing a cookie solution is whether it ensures compliance with relevant privacy laws. The best consent solutions will help ensure complete corporate compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGDP, and more. 

Some solutions have an automated system to determine which regulations your business falls under, while others offer custom consent solutions.

Cookie consent forms and banners are a key part of any consent management solution. You’ll need a banner that’s designed to ensure complete compliance with regulations.

The consent banner should allow users to accept or reject cookies as well as inform users of the purpose of cookie collection.

Remember, even the smallest mistakes in cookie consent banners can lead to hefty fines, so it’s crucial to comply with cookie consent best practices.

Customization Options

Not all websites are the same, which is why cookie consent solutions should be customizable to an extent. For example, e-commerce websites will need cookie banners that require users to take action before using the site.

However, other websites can operate without deploying cookies, even though it affects the user experience.

Most website owners don’t know about the type of cookies their website uses. While most cookies are essential, some can be disabled without affecting your site’s performance. 

Cookie consent solutions will usually scan your site and categorize its cookies, allowing you to choose whether to add or remove non-essential ones.

Customer Support Solutions

The world of data privacy is constantly changing, and it’s almost impossible to use a single consent system and remain compliant. This is why it’s crucial to check the cookie consent solution’s customer service system before making a choice.

The last thing you want is to get fined for using an outdated cookie consent banner or storage system!

tips to ensure cookie consent compliance.png

tips to ensure cookie consent compliance.png

Getting cookie consent right can be the difference between being compliant and getting fined out of business! With GDPR fines in the range of 10 million euros and CCPA fines up to $7500 per violation, it’s crucial to ensure proper cookie consent. 

Here are 5 tips to help you get it right:

Know Which Cookies Your Site Uses

You’ll be surprised to know that many of the cookies on your website are non-essential. Many regulations require you to get consent for these cookies, while some require consent for all cookies

Knowing which cookies your site uses and why it uses them will help you make the right design when it comes to cookie banner design and drafting a cookie policy.

Use a Well-Designed Cookie Banner

Cookie banners are the highlight of most cookie consent solutions. Use a banner design that helps ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

For example, if your site falls under the GDPR, you aren’t allowed to deploy cookies until the user gives consent. However, the CCPA allows you to deploy cookies, although the banner should clearly explain what information you’re collecting and why.

Know Which Data Privacy Regulations Your Business Falls Under

Again, you won’t be able to ensure complete compliance unless you know which data privacy regulations your site falls under. For this, it’s important to consult experts since these regulations can be complex.

For example, a US-based business can be fined for noncompliance with the GDPR if they cater to European customers. 

Keep a Record of the Given Consents

Collecting consent is only part of the equation. You’ll need an effective tool that logs user consent to avoid unnecessary fines. Fortunately, this is an integrated part of most cookie consent solutions.

Talk to the Experts

Considering the complexities of data privacy regulation, it’s best to get expert help from a privacy consultant for cookie consent. When you outsource compliance to experts like Captain Compliance, you’ll get complete data protection compliance services without having to go over pages of data privacy law. 

At Captain Compliance, we make cookie consent simple through complete site audits, custom cookies policy design, and ensuring your site’s cookie consent system is compliant.


Cookie consent solutions help ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, but they have to be used correctly. However, always remember that no single solution is perfect, and using an automated tool has its limitations.

At Captain Compliance, we understand the importance of implementing cookie consent correctly, and our compliance services include drafting your site’s cookies policy in line with cookie consent best practices. 

With us, you won’t have to worry about non-compliance or implementing manual integrations- our experts will have you covered from A-Z! Get in touch with us today!


A cookie consent management solution is a tool or service that helps websites collect, customize, and manage user cookie preferences. It may also help categorize a website’s cookies and help with custom banner design.

Learn more about a website’s cookies policy.

Cookie consent best practices include displaying why you’re collecting cookies, what they’re being used for, and whether they’re shared with any third parties.

Check out our detailed guide on cookie consent best practices.

You can’t really bypass cookie consent on sites that are GDPR-compliant. However, you can simply ignore or customize cookie consent on other sites.

Learn more about data privacy principles and how they affect cookie consent.

Not all websites need cookie consent, but it’s a good practice anyway. However, most sites fall under certain data privacy regulations requiring businesses to take permission before collecting personal information.

Check out our guide on strictly necessary cookies for websites.

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