What is a Compliance Coordinator? What They Do For a Business

compliance coordinator

In every business landscape, navigating the complex web of regulatory requirements, internal policies, and ethical obligations is critical. The compliance coordinator is the key to all of that.

Operating behind the scenes, these individuals strive to maintain the business's integrity by ensuring adherence to all essential rules and standards. This comprehensive guide will explore the world of compliance coordinators and their roles, responsibilities, and impact within a business.

Whether you're considering a career in this field or seeking to understand how such a role benefits your business, this piece will serve as an insightful guide.

What is a Compliance Coordinator?

A compliance coordinator is a professional whose main job is to ensure that the business they work for adheres to all internal and external rules, regulations, and procedures.

They have a working knowledge of all laws that apply to their business and industry, including those related to GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance).

They are responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the business's compliance programs, and they conduct risk assessments to identify potential areas of compliance vulnerability.

A compliance coordinator plays a crucial role in promoting ethical and proper business practices by implementing effective compliance programs.

Compliance Coordinator Role Overview

A compliance coordinator's role may vary based on the industry and the size of the business. However, the essence of their job remains the same - to ensure that a business complies with all rules and regulations that apply to its operations.

Typically, a compliance coordinator:

  • Develops and oversees control systems to prevent violations of legal guidelines and internal policies.
  • Revises procedures periodically to identify hidden risks or non-conformity issues.
  • Implementing best practices in compliance for the business.
  • Prepares reports for senior management and external regulatory bodies when appropriate.

In essence, a compliance coordinator plays a key role in maintaining the integrity and ethical standing of a business.

Compliance Coordinator Job Description

The job description for a compliance coordinator can vary significantly based on the industry and the size of the business.

Role Summary:

The Compliance Coordinator assists in developing and enforcing internal regulations, working across departments to ensure company procedures align with regulatory standards for corporate compliance.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Developing and implementing compliance programs
  • Assisting in audits
  • Training staff on compliance matters
  • Reporting non-compliance issues

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Bachelor's degree in a related field
  • 3+ years of relevant work experience
  • Strong analytical and communication skills

Work Environment:

  • Typical office hours and the potential for overtime during audit periods.

Jobs Related to Compliance Coordinator

The field of compliance is essential in maintaining the legality and ethicality of a business's operations. These professionals are critical in navigating complex laws and regulations, implementing company policies, and ensuring adherence to industry standards.

Here are the several roles that are closely related to the position of a compliance coordinator, including:

Compliance Lawyer

A compliance lawyer specializes in advising businesses on the legal and regulatory requirements that pertain to their specific industry. They interpret laws and regulations, assist with policy development, and ensure the business meets all legal requirements.

Compliance Specialist

A compliance specialist works closely with the compliance coordinator to ensure that all departments of a business are adhering to set policies and regulations. They perform regular audits and implement corrective actions where necessary.

Compliance Officer

A compliance officer, similar to a compliance coordinator, ensures that the company complies with its outside regulatory requirements and internal policies. However, a compliance officer often holds a more senior position within the business.

Pros & Cons Of Being a Compliance Coordinator

Being a compliance coordinator is a multifaceted role that comes with its own set of advantages and challenges. It is important to carefully consider the pros and cons before pursuing a career in this field. 

Here, we’ll explore the various pros and cons of being a compliance coordinator:


  • The opportunity to work in diverse industries - potentially appealing to those seeking variety in their career.
  • High demand - this provides job security.
  • Offers a competitive salary - this will provide financial security
  • Opportunities for career advancement - clear paths to more senior roles like a compliance officer


  • Stressful and demanding - stressful particularly in highly regulated industries.
  • Continuous learning - ever-changing regulations and laws require continuous reviewal of all new and updated regulations.
  • May need to deal with resistance from other employees - some employees might see compliance as a hindrance to their work.
  • Long working hours can sometimes be required - this is particularly true when new regulations are released or audits are due.

How to be a Compliance Coordinator

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a compliance coordinator, it is important to understand the necessary steps and qualifications. Becoming a compliance coordinator requires a combination of education, skills, and experience.

Here is a brief run-through of how to be a compliance coordinator:

Get the Necessary Education and Experience

Most businesses require their compliance coordinators to have a bachelor's degree in business or a related field. They also typically require a few years of experience in compliance, legal, or business operations roles.

Gain Valued Skills

Excellent problem-solving skills, an analytical mindset, strong attention to detail, and a deep understanding of legal and regulatory obligations are all critical skills for a compliance coordinator.

Acquire Additional Certifications

Certification is only sometimes required but can make a candidate more attractive to potential employers. The Compliance Certification Board offers several certifications in the field.

What is a Compliance Coordinator’s Salary?

The salary for a compliance coordinator can vary significantly depending on the industry, the size of the company, and the individual's experience and qualifications.

However, a competitive salary for a compliance coordinator generally ranges from $47,500 to $85,000. Higher salaries are usually offered in more heavily regulated industries, larger corporations, and certain states.


Do Compliance Coordinators Need a Specific Degree?

While there is no specific degree required to become a compliance coordinator, a bachelor's degree in a business-related field is commonly preferred.

What Skills Does a Compliance Coordinator Need?

Key skills for a compliance coordinator include attention to detail, excellent communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and a deep understanding of legal and regulatory obligations.

What Certifications Are There for Compliance Coordinators?

The Compliance Certification Board offers several certifications in the field, which could be beneficial for a compliance coordinator.

Are Compliance Coordinators in Demand?

Yes, with the increasing focus on regulatory compliance in many industries, the demand for compliance coordinators is growing.

How to progress in a Compliance Coordinator career?

Furthering education, gaining relevant certifications, and accruing experience in compliance roles can aid in career advancement.


Compliance coordinators play a pivotal role in businesses by ensuring they comply with various laws, regulations, and internal policies. Whether you're considering this career path or looking for a compliance coordinator, it's crucial to understand what the role entails.

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