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Welcome to our Cookie Consent section! We understand that ensuring your business website or app is compliant with data privacy laws can be complicated, but we’re here to help. This section of our website provides helpful guidance on how you must obtain consent for the use of cookies by visitors or users accessing your digital platform. 

Our team has created a series of articles on obtaining permission to use cookies. We explain topics such as understanding your obligations under data privacy law, the types of cookies used by websites and applications, and the steps necessary to comply with cookie consent. 

We also provide information on the tools and software you may need to facilitate cookie consent. From user-friendly popups to customizable cookie banners, we cover it all. 

So take a look at our articles and find the best resources to ensure your website is compliant with relevant data privacy laws:

A Starting Point

Start here on your journey to becoming cookie consent compliant! Whether you’re a beginner or have existing knowledge of data privacy law, these resources will help bring clarity and understanding. Get up-to-date information about applicable regulations by reading through these suggested articles:

• Do I Need Cookie Consent On My Website? (Things to Consider)

• Cookie Consent Requirements: Everything You Need to Know

• Cookies Law Guide for Businesses: What Are They & How to Comply

This is our most popular resource on cookie consent. Our specialists have combined their experience and expertise with the latest regulations to develop a comprehensive guide outlining the steps organizations must take to ensure that they are compliant when using cookies for visitor tracking. 

This detailed overview covers all of the essential cookie compliance requirements:

• GDPR Cookie Consent: Is it Required & How to Comply?

Here Are More Resources

For any business looking to better understand the implications of cookie consent, our team has compiled a comprehensive selection of resources and helpful guides available on our website. From becoming aware of applicable laws and guidelines to learning how to build user-friendly cookie consent banners, you’ll find everything necessary here:

• How to Add a Squarespace Cookie Banner: Step-by-Step Guide

• Strictly Necessary Cookies: What Are They & Why Do They Matter?

• Cookie Consent Best Practices: Ultimate Guide

• Cookies Policy: Everything You Need to Know

• How to Implement Cookie Consent on Your Website (Full Guide)

• Best Cookie Consent Solution: Top 9 Picks

• How to Implement Google Tag Manager Cookie Consent

• CPRA Cookie Consent: Is it Required & How to Comply?

• 8 Cookie Consent Examples: Effective Banners & Messages

• Cookie Consent Manager: What Are They & Which is Best?

• What is Implied Cookie Consent? (What You Should Know)

• What Are Third-Party Cookies? (What You Need to Know)

• Cookie Consent Banner Requirements: Ultimate Guide

• What is Cross Domain Cookie Consent & How Does it Work?

• What Are First Party Cookies? (Everything You Need to Know)

• Cookie Walls: What is it & Are Cookie Walls Legal?

• Cookie Consent Design: How to Design an Effective Banner?

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