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The cookie named `G_ENABLED_IDPS` is used by Google and is related to the Google Identity Provider sign-in functionality. It is often associated with websites that offer the option to sign in using Google accounts. Here’s a detailed look at its purpose and functionality and if you need help with a consent banner you can turn to the privacy and compliance superhero team at Captain Compliance:

– Cookie Name: `G_ENABLED_IDPS`
– Purpose: This cookie is used to support the sign-in function via Google accounts on various websites. When a website integrates Google’s sign-in system, this cookie helps in facilitating that feature by indicating whether the Google Identity Provider sign-in is enabled on the website.
– Type: Typically, it’s considered a functional or necessary cookie because it supports a specific feature (Google sign-in) requested by the user.
– Duration: The duration can vary, but it generally persists to ensure that the Google sign-in option remains active and functional for return visits to the website.
– Function: Its primary function is to streamline the sign-in process for users choosing to access services with their Google account. This improves the user experience by allowing for a quick, secure sign-in process without the need to remember additional passwords for different sites.

In essence, the `G_ENABLED_IDPS` cookie plays a key role in enabling and remembering the availability of Google’s sign-in service on websites. This makes it easier for users to access various online services and platforms using their Google accounts, enhancing the overall usability and security of the sign-in process.

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