How Does the CLID Cookie Work?

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Businesses everywhere use Microsoft Clarity or similar tracking software to monitor and record data from their website’s users. But how can Clarity distinguish and accurately record the data of every user? It all starts with the CLID cookie. So, how does the CLID cookie work?

Microsoft Clarity performs many functions and tracks various user session data for businesses to review. The CLID cookie is what they use to tell two users apart and assign the correct data to the corresponding user.

In this article, we will cover the function of the CLID cookie, its role in Clarity in detail, and how long it lasts.

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Websites that use Clarity can distinguish users and assign data to users across multiple sites and platforms. The first step in this process is the CLID cookie. The CLID cookie is the cookie that assigns a Clarity ID to users and identifies the first time that user visited a site that uses Clarity.

With this ID, Clarity can recognize the user and assign the data it tracks across these websites to the corresponding ID.

Clarity depends on the user ID to distinguish users and provide accurate user session data to businesses. Hence, the CLID cookie is the first step in this process.

Without the CLID cookie, it would be impossible for Clarity to tell two users apart, invalidating almost all the data it collects and proving no use for businesses.

The CLID cookie lasts on a user’s browser for one year. Throughout that year, the cookie will serve as the ID for that user, allowing any site that uses Clarity to identify and track that user’s data.

Although it lasts a long time, there is no need for alarm. The CLID cookie is harmless and is the first gateway we pass through that assigns us our Clarity ID. The CLID cookie does not collect any personally identifiable information.

Please note that you can choose to remove these cookies from your browser. However, they do not collect any personally identifiable information.

Last Words

Microsoft Clarity assigns every new user a unique ID to identify that user and their activity across different sites. The CLID cookie is what Clarity uses to identify a new user and their first visit to a site that uses Clarity.

This user ID is the first step for businesses that use clarity to track and collect user session data.

With this data, businesses seek to improve their sites and tailor their experience to your preferences. However, this is only possible with the ID that the CLID cookie sets into place for you.

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