lidc Cookie: Full Description of it’s Functions

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Cookies collect vast amounts of data from users’ browsers and send it back to the original provider of the cookie. Cookies like lidc help these providers distinguish all the data they receive and route it to the right place. We’ll explain what the lidc cookie does for LinkedIn in this process.

LinkedIn uses the lidc cookie to facilitate the choice of a data center. All the data that LinkedIn collects has to be routed to the proper location based on its source.

This article will cover the purpose of the lidc cookie and how long it lasts on a browser before expiring.

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LinkedIn uses the lidc cookie to select the proper data center for a user’s activity. LinkedIn places other cookies on a browser and, with the lidc cookie, knows how to label specific actions and where to send that data.

Some common actions that the lidc cookie routes are share button and ad clicks. These actions are recorded and then, with the help of the lidc cookie, are sent right where they need to go so LinkedIn can maintain an organized map of the data they collect.

The lidc cookie only exists to select a proper destination once it has been collected. The lifespan of this cookie is only twenty-four hours after it is placed.

In a day, the lidc cookie successfully tracks and routes that user’s activity to the best data center. It is an essential step in the organized data collection that LinkedIn uses.

The lidc cookie has the sole purpose of facilitating this selection and does not collect any personal information from the user’s browser on which it is located.


The lidc cookie is crucial to LinkedIn’s massive data collection process. It facilitates the proper selection of the center where the data from a user’s browser will go.

LinkedIn further utilizes the data it collects to optimize its site and advertising, which also benefits users by giving them a personalized feed. The lidc cookie makes this all possible and is one link in the chain for LinkedIn’s operations.

The lidc cookie is a signal that goes unnoticed yet is just another part of how we enjoy the user-friendly experience on LinkedIn.

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