messagesutk Cookie: What Does it Do?

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Businesses everywhere employ helpful chatbox features for visitors to assist customers directly with questions and issues. Hubspot utilizes the messagesutk cookie as part of this feature to improve user convenience. But how? What does the messagesutk cookie do exactly?

The messagesutk cookie is part of the chatflows tool Hubspot implements on a website. Depending on a user’s consent, this cookie offers a variety of convenient features that seek to improve a user’s experience with this tool.

Read on to learn about the messagesutk cookie’s function and how long it lasts on a user’s browser.

Hubspot allows businesses to implement the chatflows tool on their site, creating a live chat option for customers. With the messagesutk cookie, Hubspot can recognize customers that have used the chatflows tool, even if they were not saved as a contact.

If a user consents to collect chat cookies, the messagesutk cookie will save their chat history and automatically load it every time they visit. Without this consent turned on, the messagesutk cookie is dictated by the consent to process setting available in the chatflows tool.

The messagesutk cookie is added to a user’s browser when they are not saved as a contact after using chatflows.

After Hubspot places the messagesutk cookie on a user’s browser, it will last up to six months. However, customers can manually remove the cookie by clearing it on their browser anytime.

The messagesutk cookie works directly with the chatflows tool and only collects data from the chat history and user ID established by Hubspot.

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Hubspot’s convenient tool, chatflows, allows customers to speak directly with representatives with questions or troubles on a business’s site. Hubspot places the messagesutk cookie on a user’s browser when they leave a site to maintain their chatflows history.

This way, users can return to a site they visited and still have access to the answers they received from representatives on previous visits. The messagesutk cookie lasts up to six months. However, it can be removed when a user revokes the consent to collect chatflows cookeis.

The messagesutk cookie is another cookie employed by Hubspot to offer convenient features and improve businesses’ customer relationship management through interactions on their website.

If you have a business that uses this cookie, you must ensure your website is compliant. Get in touch for a free consultation today to find out how you can make your website compliant.

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