OneTrust vs BigID: What’s the Better Choice?

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Keeping your business compliant with local and international data privacy laws means ensuring that you are using an effective data privacy management solution. Tools like OneTrust or BigID can be used to simplify data privacy compliance. But which is better – OneTrust vs BigID?

Both software tools are excellent choices, but one may be more suited to other businesses rather than your business. To help you make an informed decision, we have put together this guide, which takes a deep dive into OneTrust and BigID to see which is better and what alternatives are available.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

BigID offers business spot-on data management solutions and is best suited for large businesses

OneTrust has many years of experience and offers a large number of data security and compliance features

OneTrust offers more features than BigID and focuses on sustainable data practices

What is BigID?

what is bigid.jpg

what is bigid.jpg

BigID is a New York-based data security software company that was founded by Dimitri Sirota and Nimrod Vax in 2016. By 2021, the company was already worth $1.25 billion and has been a solid choice for business worldwide.

Sirota and Vax founded BigID to help businesses understand their data and learn how to control it to remain compliant with regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Personal Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA).

While BigID may be one of the newer data privacy management platforms, it’s steadily rising and becoming one of the top business choices. It was so much so that CNBC recognized it as one of the top 25 startups for the enterprise and named it the Inc 5000 and Deloitte 500 for two years.

BigID offers easy-to-use compliance solutions for businesses through their BigID Data Intelligence Platform. The platform comes in four suites that businesses can use:

Discovery foundation

Security suite

Privacy suite

Governance suite

These different suites provide businesses like yours with different tools depending on your needs. For example, BigID offers automated data discovery tools to find data faster and provide effective security against cybercrime, such as data breaches, management tools for data management, and data governance tools.

What is OneTrust?

OneTrust is another big name in compliance management and cloud software. Tens of thousands of customers use it to stay compliant with data protection regulations.

OneTrust’s smart data governance cloud allows businesses to remain compliant with international data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Cybersecurity Maturity Model certification (CMMC 2.0), and even the upcoming EU AI Act.

Founded in 2016 by CEO Kabir Barday, OneTrust was created to help businesses struggling with complying with the complex world of data privacy laws. Since its founding, the company has grown to a staggering value of $5.3 billion.

So why are businesses choosing Onetrust to help them comply with data protection regulations?

OneTrust has three cores of focus:

Ethics and compliance

GRC and security assurance

ESG and sustainability

Within these primary focuses, OneTrust offers businesses a range of smart data privacy solutions, like data mapping, data discovery, a consent management platform, cookie consent, and user preference management.

BigID Review

When choosing a compliance management software provider for your business, it’s important to consider their features, prices, and reviews.

Unlike other compliance management platforms, BigID offers businesses a unique technology: advanced machine learning, which ensures that their tools can provide more accurate results.

BigID was created to improve your business security posture, reduce insider risk, achieve regulatory compliance and automated privacy operations, validate your data using regulatory audits, lower your data footprint, and increase overall efficiency.

Data management is a core focus at BigID, and they provide intelligent automation services for data collection and destruction. In addition, BigID makes integration faster and more efficient to prevent downtime in the fast-driven world of data handling, processing, and sharing.

To help speed up the onboarding process, BigID offers businesses bundles to address specific challenges like:

Data lifecycle management

Data minimization

Data rights automation


Insider risk management

Zero trust

Because BigID bases its pricing on several factors, such as data sources, apps, deployment type, and the level of support and service needed, businesses will have to contact BigID for a personalized quote.

But what do the BigID reviews have to say about this company? A broad number of reviews clearly show that many BigID users feel that the platform is simple to use without any steep learning curves.

One BigID review on G2 said, “ Great way to safely manage my company’s data and get insights on data holes and duplicates. Also, the name is excellent and easy to remember. A brand that can grow.”

Another BigID review said, “Really nice platform, easy to use and a great way to protect your data without worrying about leaks or any ”internet dangers”. Their platform’s dashboard is very clear, and it offers a great overview.”

Some of the most common problems users find with the platform are that it has a clunky user interface, it can be slow, and the cost is much higher than other similar platforms.

One BigID review said, “The cost is a bit high to be honest and the platform is a bit slow at times.” Another BigID review echoed this, “I have seen the portal latency in some cases, but it is ignorable.”

Key Features

While BigID does not offer as many features as OneTrust, these are their key features that deserve a mention:

Risk management

Data mapping

Incident management


Policy management

Consent management

Sensitive data identification

Data governance

You can find a range of all their features on BigID’s website.


Here are some pros of using BigID’s compliance platform:

A wide range of privacy products for holistic privacy management

Simplified data lifecycle management

Best suited for large businesses


There are also some things your business needs to consider before choosing BigID:

Expensive for what you get

Slow and clunky user interface

Unsuitable for smaller and mid-market agencies

Overall, BigID is a competing compliance software provider for big names like OneTrust and TrustArc, but it does come with its limits. Larger businesses will benefit more from this compliance platform thanks to the spot-on data management solutions. However, businesses should be prepared to deal with a sluggish system.

Consider Captain Compliance as your compliance management platform provider and ensure your business complies with data privacy regulations.

OneTrust Review

OneTrust has years of trusted experience and intelligent solutions that businesses can use thanks to their Trust Intelligent Platform and multiple clouds.

The OneTrust privacy platform comes with four main data governance clouds:

Privacy and data governance

Ethics and compliance

GRC and security

ESG and sustainability

These clouds include useful data security and compliance tools like data mapping, consent and user preferences, third-party risk management, and automated internal audits. OneTrust’s automated systems make managing your business’s workflow easy.

OneTrust’s unique focus is environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability, minimizing businesses’ data footprints. OneTrust provides businesses with access to sustainability metrics, goal-tracking progress, and automated systems like automated disclosures.

Unlike BigID, OneTrust is marketed to businesses of all sizes. Their prices are flexible and are based on size. OneTrust has broken its pricing into two tiers: large enterprises (500+ employees) and growing businesses (less than 500 employees).

Smaller businesses can choose which features to use, saving money by not paying for unnecessary features. Basic services start at $30 per month and climb depending on the features chosen.

But what do the OneTrust user reviews say?

Looking at an assortment of OneTrust reviews, it’s clear that OneTrust excels at data privacy governance and offers a lot of features but struggles with customer service, and users have difficulty using it.

One OneTrust user review wrote on G2 “ The software helped us to secure the data within the company and with in the employees. Its security helped us with all data protection and we managed it better.”

Another OneTrust review said, “OneTrust privacy and sync enables us to measure the cybersecurity risk and requirements time to time and we do not have to measure it manually.”

There were some OneTrust user reviews that highlighted some areas of concern. One user wrote on G2, “Lack of any help implementing (essentially they forget you the moment you sign). Lack of any help maintaining. Support and consulting team contradict each other.”

onetrust review.png

onetrust review.png

Key Features

Risk management

Data mapping

ESG goals and sustainability

HIPAA compliance for health plan transparency

OSHA Compliance



Audit trails

Risk assessments

Policy management

Compliance management

Consent Management

Third-party integrations

third-party risk management


The pros to choosing OneTrust include:

Good choice for larger businesses

Strong third-party integrations

Helps businesses maintain ESG goals

Flexible pricing


Some cons your business needs to be aware of are:

The platform comes with a sharp learning curve

Difficult to integrate

Poor customer support

If your business is looking for a compliance management platform with a lot of features and years of trusted experience, OneTrust is a good choice. However, slow customer support and a steep learning curve are to be expected.

Choose Captain Compliance as your privacy solution provider to save your business the hassle of dealing with poor customer service.

OneTrust Alternatives

There are lots of alternatives to OneTrust, and Captain Compliance is the number one alternative your business should consider. Captain Compliance is a trusted compliance platform provider created to help businesses that handle personal information with effective data management strategies.

Other alternatives to try:






BigID Alternatives

bigid alternatives.jpg

bigid alternatives.jpg

While BigID does offer some excellent data security management solutions, they do not have as many features as other platforms. Captain Compliance is your business’s number one alternative.

Captain Compliance is made up of a team of data privacy experts who are able to provide your business with effective data management and data security strategies.

Other BigID alternatives include:







What are the advantages of OneTrust?

One of the biggest advantages of OneTrust is that it provides greater visibility on all features across the platform.

Learn more about data privacy products your business can benefit from.

If your business stores cookies on your visitor’s browsers, then yes, you will need a cookie consent banner.

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What is the difference between OneTrust and BigID?

Both companies offer businesses data security and compliance solutions, but OneTrust offers more than that. OneTrust also offers ESG monitoring tools.

Explore the different types of compliance services.

Which is better? OneTrust or BigID?

Both companies are good choices, but OneTrust is the better choice if your business is looking for a lot of features and is lessening your data footprint.

See how Captain Compliance can help your business.

How Can Captain Compliance Help?

It all comes down to choosing a data privacy management provider that offers solutions that meet your business’s specific needs. Not choosing the right solution can result in penalties for non-compliance, frustrating customer support when you need it, or software that is too complicated to use.

Choose Captain Compliance, a global compliance service, as your data privacy management partner to avoid these unnecessary headaches and help your business comply with relevant data governance regulations. Get in touch with Captain Compliance today for a free consultation.

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