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When it comes to compliance software, businesses have a world of choice to pick a data compliance platform for their needs. But this doesn’t mean that all compliance providers are equal. So, between OneTrust vs Securiti – which is better?

OneTrust and are both excellent choices, but they have different features that your business may not need. To help your business choose a compliance provider that meets your business’s individual needs, this guide will explore these two compliance providers, their features and other alternatives you can choose.

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Key Takeaways

OneTrust offers businesses access to their consent management platform and provides efficient data privacy management solutions. is a data privacy management software that focuses on controlling security, compliance, and privacy risks to which your business is exposed.

OneTrust offers more features, while Securiti is easier to use.

What is OneTrust?

When it comes to data privacy, OneTrust is a popular data governance cloud software that many businesses choose to use to ensure that their personal data management and data privacy practices are compliant with data privacy regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Founded in 2016 by CEO Kabir Barday, it aims to give businesses struggling to keep up with complex and ever-changing data compliance regulations a chance to stay compliant.

Since 2016, this Georgia-based company has grown into a business valued at a whopping $5.3 billion and has amassed a client of tens of thousands of cilents.

What makes OneTrust such a popular software choice for many businesses is that it offers intelligent solutions for compliance with other data privacy regulations like the PIPEDA and the upcoming EU AI Act.

One of the most used features of OneTrust, in addition to its data privacy management features, is the OneTrust consent management platform. This consent platform includes modules like cookie consent, user consent for mobile and website applications, and preference management to ensure compliance with local and international consent regulations.

Other useful services OneTrust offers include:

Ethics and compliance

GRC and security assurance

ESG and sustainability

What is


securiti.jpeg is another popular data privacy management software for businesses that focuses on controlling security, compliance, and privacy risks to which your business is exposed.

The company was founded in 2019 by a team of security and compliance experts who also built compliance solutions like Symantec, Blue Coat, and Elastica. The CEO of the company, Rehan Jalil, created a software provider that is rated #1 by Forrester Wave and recognized as a Gartner MQ Leader each year.

In addition to winning a number of awards, such as the Top 25 Machine Learning Startups by Forbes, Securiti has also secured big-name investors like Capital One Ventures and Citi Ventures. So, while Securiti is newer than OneTrust, it has made a serious name for itself.

The Securiti Data Command Center is a pioneer in the world of data privacy regulations and offers businesses compliance solutions for laws like the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), the GDPR and China’s PIPL.

Some of Securiti’s top of the Data Command Center include things like:

Data Consent Automation

AI Security and Governance

Data Discovery

Sensitive Data Intelligence

Data Breach Impact & Analysis Response

OneTrust Review

OneTrust comes with years of trusted experience that businesses can use to ensure they are compliant with data privacy regulations affecting their business. What makes OneTrust a standout choice is the Trust Intelligent Platform and multiple clouds.

The Trust Intelligent Platform is made up of four main components:

Privacy and data governance

Ethics and compliance

GRC and security

ESG and sustainability

These four components include useful features like privacy management, responsible AI solutions to meet upcoming AI regulations, consent and preferences, and third-party due diligence.

If your business handles cross-border data transfers, OneTrust’s third-party due diligence service makes it easier to comply with third-party processing and cross-border transfer compliance.

One feature that deserves mentioning is OneTrust’s ESG and sustainability program, which encourages businesses to engage in ethical data practices.

When it comes to pricing, OneTrust keeps things flexible by breaking their prices into two tiers: large enterprises (500+ employees) and growing businesses (less than 500 employees). So, smaller businesses can look at services starting at $30.

Not only is their pricing flexible, but they also offer businesses that option of a free trial before paying money for their services.

It’s all well and good just looking at OneTrust’s features. But what do the OneTrust user reviews say?

According to the gathered OneTrust user reviews, it is clear that OneTrust excels at providing businesses with excellent data privacy governance solutions and offers plenty of useful features, but it falls short of customer service and difficult-to-learn features.

One OneTrust user review wrote on G2, “ The best parts about this product is it helps the organization to avoid costly data breaches by identifying and mitigating the privacy & data risks. alongside its easy of implementation and deployment.”

Another OneTrust user review read, “Great cloud tool to use for data governance.”

There were, however, a couple of negative OneTrust user reviews that highlighted OneTrust’s downfalls, mainly in customer service. One user wrote on G2, “Lack of any help implementing (essentially they forget you the moment you sign). Lack of any help maintaining. Support and consulting teams contradict each other.”

Key Features

Key Features that OneTrust has:

HIPAA compliance for health plan transparency

OSHA Compliance



Compliance management

Compliance tracking

Risk management

Data mapping

Audit trails

Risk assessments

Policy management

Consent Management

Third-party integrations

Third-party risk management

You can find more features on their website.


Choosing OneTrust as your data privacy management software comes with the following pros:

Powerful features

Strong third-party integrations

Provides ESG solutions

Flexible and cost-effective pricing

Free 14-day trial


There are some things your business needs to be on the lookout for:

Lengthy onboarding process

Difficult-to-learn features

Poor customer service

While OneTrust is a solid choice for businesses, Captain Compliance is a trusted compliance solution provider that does not come with frustrating customer service and steep learning curves. Review

While has not been around for as long as OneTrust, their unique Securiti Data Command Center makes them a popular choice for businesses looking for simple compliance solutions that excel at integration with existing platforms.

Securiti makes integration with your business’s existing platforms as painless as possible with no lengthy waiting periods. Securiti integrates with popular platforms like AWS, Microsoft 365, Azure, and Salesforce.

The key to effective data privacy management practices is automation. Securiti offers businesses access to useful features like data cataloging, data privacy assessment automation, and automated privacy notices.

Staying compliant with consent regulations in the GDPR is easy, thanks to the intelligent first-party and third-party consent features.

Securiti also emphasizes its dedication to maintaining a secure compliance platform through the Data Security Posture Management service. Sensitive personal information is stored securely in hybrid multi-cloud and SaaS environments.

Pricing is only available through a quote request, but Securiti does offer businesses access to a free trial where you can try out the cookie preferences, DSAR requests, privacy notices, and other consent features.

So, what do the Securiti reviews have to say about this compliance software provider? Taking a look at the overall reviews, it is clear that Securiti offers business tools that are user-friendly, fast and easy to integrate. Even their customer support has positive reviews, which is where a lot of compliance software providers fall short.

One G2 Securiti review said, “Outstanding support and the ability to connect to and scan many different sources of data. The visualizations are easy to understand. After initial setup, connecting systems is easy.”

Other Securiti complaints highlighted problems like flawed performance and some general improvements needed. For example, one Securiti review read, “Scanning unstructured data stores needs improvement. The system has issues when scanning unrecognized file types or large data stores (e.g., S3 buckets).”

Key Features

Some key features that Securiti has to offer are:

Compliance management

Consent Management

Data Mapping

DSR robotic automation

Breach notification

Vendor risk assessments

Detection of shadow and native data assets

Data discovery

User access monitoring

AI model catalogs

AI risk assessments

Find all of their intelligent features on their website.


Here are some pros of using Securiti

Easy-to-use features

Quick and seamless integration

Responsive customer service

Decent pricing

Free trial version


Some things you need to be aware of:

Data scanning needs improvement

Minor user interface errors

Battles to perform when deployed on a large scale

Overall, Securiti is a strong contender for OneTrust if you’re a small to medium sized business looking for compliance software that can easily integrate with your existing platforms. However, Securiti battles underperformance on a larger scale.

OneTrust Alternatives

OneTrust is a great choice for businesses looking for a secure data privacy compliance platform, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for your business.

Consider using Captain Compliance as the number one alternative to OneTrust. Captain Compliance is a software and consultation compliance platform ready to help your business navigate the complicated world of data governance regulations.

Other OneTrust Alternatives include:




Cookiebot Alternatives

While may not have been around for as long as OneTrust, they’re still a great choice for businesses looking for a simpler compliance platform to navigate.

As an alternative, your business should consider Captain Compliance as a trusted compliance partner. Captain Compliance is made up of a team of data privacy experts who have designed a platform to ensure your business carries out proper data protection strategies while dealing with sensitive personal information.

Securiti alternatives you should consider:






Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Businesses Use Securiti?

Large businesses like Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered Bank use Securiti to make sure they are compliant with data privacy laws.

Learn more about staying compliant with Captain Compliance.

How Do OneTrust Cookies Work?

OneTrust’s cookies collect browsing data to create a profile of user habits for advertising purposes.

Learn why your business needs cookie consent.

Consent is a big part of data privacy regulations, from the GDPR to the PDPA Thailand and having cookie consent is a requirement your business needs to meet.

Is your business compliant with consent regulations? Learn more here.

What is the Difference Between OneTrust and Securiti?

Both OneTrust and Securiti help businesses by providing compliance solutions, but Securiti offers additional AI compliance solutions.

The new EU AI Act is coming. Is your business ready?

How Can Captain Compliance Help?

Choosing the best data privacy management software for your business is key to ensuring that your business remains compliant with data privacy regulations. Failure to do this can result in your business being handed costly fines along with a damaged reputation.

Avoid this by choosing Captain Compliance, a global compliance services specialist, as your compliance solution to help your business comply with relevant data governance regulations. We offer both corporate compliance and outsourced compliance solutions.

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