Osano Alternatives: Safeguarding Your Data With the Right Software

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If your business collects, shares, and processes personal data, you’ll know that data privacy regulations require appropriate methods of safeguarding this data. This means using software like Osano. But what Osano alternatives can your business use instead?

Choosing the right software to safeguard your data is important. When it comes to data privacy compliance management, your business has a ton of choices. In this guide, we’ll explore Osano alternatives for your business.

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • Osano is a data privacy management tool that ensures that your business remains compliant with data privacy regulations.
  • The best alternative to Osano is Captain Compliance, which is a cookie consent and data privacy compliance solution.
  • Some other Osano alternatives include BigID, Vanta, Drata, Mine, and UpGuard.

What is Osano?

When it comes to safeguarding your business’s data, Osano is a good choice for many reasons.

Osano is a data privacy management tool that ensures your business remains compliant with data privacy regulations such as the GDPR and CPRA.

Osano is newer than some of the other big names in the data privacy compliance industry, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t competing in the big leaguers.

Founded in 2018 by founders Arlo Gilbert and Scott Hertel as a way of helping businesses streamline their data privacy needs.

Since then, Osano has been impressing businesses with its data privacy management solutions. In fact, G2.com named Osano Leader for Consent Management winner in 2023.

Osano has over 40,000 users, and over 1 billion consent forms are served monthly. With statistics like these, it’s easy to see why Osano is a solid choice for your business.

The data privacy platform simplifies how compliance is achieved by using one centralized platform with a focus on:

  • Cookie consent
  • Subject rights management (DSAR)
  • Data mapping
  • Vendor privacy risk management

These four products include features like simple cookie consent banners, auto-discovery tools for cookie auditing, and app consent management.

Under the GDPR, businesses are required to handle DSARs within a specific timeline, and failure to do so can result in their business paying fines and penalties.

Osano provides tools like automated DSAR tasks and requests to make sure your business responds to DSAR tasks on time.

Another innovative feature of the Osano consent manager that needs mentioning is the GDPR representative assigned to your business. This representative will be there to answer all your compliance questions.

When it comes to pricing, Osano keeps it simple by grouping pricing into two tiers: the data privacy management platform and the self-service cookie consent.

Within the data privacy platform plan, Osano offers businesses:

  • The privacy essentials option
  • Premium privacy operations
  • Governance plan.

Osano also offers a free or Plus plan, which starts at $199 per month.

Looking at the features, it’s Osano does seem like is a good choice for data privacy compliance. However, there may still be better options for your company.

Osano Alternatives for 2024

There’s no doubt about it. Osano is a solid software provider when it comes to data privacy compliance. But that doesn’t mean they’re the right choice for your specific business needs. Here are some of the best Osano alternatives for 2024:

Best CookieYes Alternative: Captain Compliance

The best Osano alternative for 2024 is Captain Compliance.

Captain Compliance is a cookie consent solution with additional data privacy compliance solutions for data privacy regulations like the GDPR, CCPA, and the PDPA.

The reason why Captain Compliance is the best choice is because they are made up of a team of data privacy experts and engineers who can provide your business with effective data management and data security strategies.

They make consent regulations for the GDPR easy to follow with their consent cookie solutions, such as cookie consent banners, customized cookie banners, and automated cookie identification processes.

Some of Captain Compliance’s top solutions include:

  • Regulatory examinations
  • Cyber security protocols
  • Data protection impact assessments
  • Data subject request fulfillment
  • Privacy policy writing

Captain Compliance provides high-level features that are easy for businesses to understand and use. Our team is well-experienced in effective data management and data security strategies and can help your business develop data privacy policies.


  • Free initial onsultation
  • A team of privacy experts to support your business
  • Assistance in creating compliance policies and procedures for your business
  • No steep learning curve
  • High-level assessments are conducted to determine a business’s needs


  • Lack of upfront pricing, so businesses will need to contact Captain Compliance directly for a tailored quote


When it comes to data privacy compliance, OneTrust has been in the game since 2016 and has made a name for itself.

They are a data governance cloud software provider that helps businesses ensure that their personal data management and data privacy practices are compliant with local and global data privacy regulations.

OneTrust does this through the Trust Intelligent Platform, which has four core solutions:

  • Ethics and compliance
  • Privacy and data governance
  • GRC and security assurance
  • ESG and sustainability

OneTrust also offers standard data privacy tools, such as data mapping, cookie consent, user preferences, and automated internal audits.


  • Flexible pricing starting from as low as $30
  • Easy and seamless integration with existing software


  • Comes with a steep learning curve
  • Inconsistent customer support


When Mine was first created, it was used to provide consumers with a way of knowing where and how their personal data was being used online. Giving them a way to have control over their data.

Only with the introduction of the GDPR did they begin offering compliance solutions to businesses to practice responsible and ethical data handling practices.

Some key features that stand out on their platform are data governance compliance, risk mapping, and the provision of full data and systems coverage.

Mine uses AI and distinctive discovery techniques to ensure your business’s data privacy practices are compliant.


  • Supports a plug-in-and-play integration for ease
  • Multiple plans and a customized plan


  • Lack of transparent pricing
  • Inconsistent support
  • Occasional glitches in the platform
  • Data discovery tools can be inaccurate


An important part of data privacy compliance is making sure your business has up-to-date and appropriate security measures. Drata is a compliance management software that offers compliance solutions with a focus on automated security.

Drata is a particularly good choice for businesses that use a third-party vendor to process, store, or collect personal data for your business. This is thanks to their third-party risk management (TPRM).

In addition, Adaptive Automation lets your business customize its compliance solutions and provides continuous control monitoring so you stay on top of everything.


  • Alerts businesses of potential security threats
  • Great for maintaining SOC 2 compliance


  • It can be difficult to use
  • Fewer data privacy features compared to other alternatives


Ketch is another great choice for your business and like Drata, it also supports responsible data practices with the use of their proper data disposal system.

When it comes to data privacy compliance, Ketch offers some helpful tools like data mapping, subject rights management (SRM), marketing preference management, DSAR requests, and risk assessments.

To keep up with the ever-changing technology, AI governance tools include a GenAI shield to help businesses comply with the new AI regulations that are being put in place.


  • Offers a free plan
  • Has easy-to-use compliance tools
  • Flexibility in the products


  • The system sometimes glitches
  • Has issues with integration


TrustArc is a compliance management software that your business can use to ensure its data management complies with global data privacy regulations like the GDPR or PDPA.

Features that make TrustArc a popular compliance management provider are the centralized PrivacyCentral platform and the Nymity research tool to stay on top of the latest data privacy regulation updates.

TrustArc also offers standard data privacy tools like risk management, data mapping, incident management, and policy management assistance.


  • Years of experience with data privacy compliance
  • Superior tools and effective compliance solutions
  • Flexible pricing, including a free plan


  • Tools can be complicated to learn at first
  • Inconsistent customer support


Vanta is a good alternative to Osano, especially for businesses that are looking to focus on security. Founded in 2018, Vanta first focused on automating security monitoring for compliance standards like SOC 2 and HIPAA.

They recently branched out to offer businesses specialized solutions for data privacy compliance through automated security checks to limit the risk of cybercrime. It can easily integrate with many cloud services and AI systems.


  • HIPAA compliant
  • Integration with over 300 tools
  • Friendly user interface


  • Expensive compared to other alternatives
  • Fewer data privacy compliance tools than other alternatives


BigID is a leading data security software company that provides compliance and cookie consent solutions for businesses with a focus on data discovery.

Through the centralized BigID Data Intelligence Platform, BigID has four suites that businesses can use:

  • Discovery foundation
  • Governance suite
  • Privacy suite
  • Security suite

The analytics and reporting tools make staying compliant simple. To improve businesses’ efficiency, BigID also has automated processes like privacy impact assessments (PIA).


  • Simple onboarding process
  • Superior data classification tools
  • Compliance tools are easy to use


  • Poor customer support
  • It is expensive compared to alternatives


Enzuzo is a solid choice for an all-around compliance management solution. They offer efficient data privacy compliance tools like data mapping, third-party risk management, and handling DSARs.

If your business uses Google Ads, you’ll want to use Enzuzo as they are Google-certified CMP and are compliant with Consent Mode V2.


  • Flexible pricing with five plans, including a free one
  • No page scan limits on the plans
  • Superior cookie consent solutions


  • Cookie consent banner customization is complicated
  • Can be expensive


The last Osano alternative on our list is UpGuard. It is the perfect software partner for businesses that use third-party vendors to process their data and focus on cybersecurity risks.

Their business solutions are broken down into two packages:

  • BreachSight: This includes continuous mentoring for potential breaches and the detection of other threats.
  • Vendor Risk: Helps businesses identify and manage security risks with third-party vendors.

Control your business’s risk management through dashboards and personalized data reports.


  • Superior risk management strategies
  • Free 7-day trial available to see if it’s right for your company


  • Limited data privacy compliance tools, like other alternatives
  • Focuses mainly on cybersecurity


What are the best ways to ensure data privacy?

Local and international data privacy laws provide regulations that must be followed to achieve efficient data security. Conducting data privacy impact assessments (DPIA) is one way to do this.

Browse through some DPIA examples here.

Who is responsible for data protection policies?

Typically, anyone in your business can create data protection or data management policies, but you can use data privacy compliance helpers like Captain Compliance to assist with making the policies.

Learn more about Captain Compliance’s compliance solutions.

Which is the best third-party risk management service?

UpGuard has some of the best third-party vendor risk management solutions to ensure your business and your third parties remain compliant.

Here’s how to choose the right third-party risk management service for your business.

How Can Captain Compliance Help?

Properly safeguarding your business’s data means choosing a software provider that meets your needs and your budget. Choosing the wrong software provider can be costly and cause unnecessary stress.

Avoid this by choosing Captain Compliance as your data privacy management solution. We offer

outsourced compliance

solutions to ensure your business complies with relevant data privacy regulations.

Contact Captain Compliance today for a free consultation.

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