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You could potentially be liable for huge fines if your website does not have a cookie consent banner in place.

Luckily, we have you covered. We create compliant cookie banners that are up-to-date with their relevant regulations, whether it is the GDPR, CPRA, LGPD, or other markets you operate in. We can ensure your business has a custom cookie banner that fits your applicable regulations and audience.

Let’s learn more about what exactly a cookie banner is, if you need one, and how we can help you.

What is a Cookie Consent Banner?

You know when you visit a website, and this little popup shows up at the bottom or top of the screen asking if it's cool to use cookies? Yeah, that is a cookie consent banner.

These digital footprints, called 'cookies,' are tiny snippets of data stored on your device by websites. They keep an eye (not literally!) on what you're doing online - like pages visited and buttons clicked.Cookies are classified as either First Party or Third Party Cookies. Here are the different identifiers you’ll find for First Party Cookies: Performance, Unclassified, Functionality, and Strictly Necessary. For Third Party Cookies you will find these classified under Targeting, Performance, Unclassified, Functionality, and Strictly Necessary.

But here’s the catch: under laws such as GDPR and CPRA, popping these cookies onto someone's computer without their knowledge can potentially lead to big fines – so now websites need permission first!

That’s where our cookie consent banners rock into action! We tell your visitors about the cookies, giving them options to either give the green light with the ‘Approve’ button or say sorry-no-can-do with the ‘Reject’ option.

These sound a little overkill, but having one can save you from sticky fines while also keeping both trust and reputation intact!

Why Do You Need a Cookie Consent Banner?

You might be thinking, "Do I really need one of these cookie banners?" In a nutshell, yes, it would be in your best interest.

Laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) have changed the game. These regulations protect people who go to your website from having their data collected without consent.

And that means you'll want your website with its very own cookie banner telling visitors what kind of data is being used whenever they land at your website.

What happens when you don’t have cookie consent banners on your website, though? Well, in short, you may be subject to fines across several laws and may even face legal action and reputational damages.

Under the GDPR, you may be fined up to 20 million euros ($22 million) or 4% of your company’s global turnover and under the CPRA, you could be fined up to $7,500 per violation for not having cookies.

Importance of a Custom Cookie Banner

Now, just any old banner won't do because different countries follow different sets of privacy rules. So, if a global audience is a thing for you, then it’ll often require a custom cookie banner for compliance with all relevant regulations.

Additionally, different people react differently to stuff they see online. The best cookie banners are the ones that blend nicely with your website's look and feel.

Can you imagine a funky cartoonish pop-up on an otherwise elegant, professional law firm’s site? You don't want it to be too flashy or confusing either because visitors might just click leave the website out of pure frustration!

Long story short – if you have users from various parts of the globe (or even just your local region), having a viable cookie consent solution is invaluable!

Ensure Your Business Has a Compliant Cookie Banner with the Help of Captain Compliance

Get ready to throw out worries of non-compliance with privacy laws! With Captain Compliance steering your ship, you don’t have to worry about drowning in a sea of cookie-related laws and rules.

We custom-design compliant cookie banners that fit your website―and, more importantly, understand international data protection requirements like GDPR or CPRA.

Get in touch with Captain Compliance today. We’ll evaluate your needs and help to ensure your online presence is securely protected with a robust cookie banner solution tailored to your business.