__hstc Cookie? (How Do Businesses Use This?)

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Businesses utilize customer relationship management platforms like Hubspot to store information and track behavior. Hubspot employs several cookies to perform some of these tasks, including the __hstc cookie. If you’re wondering how businesses use the __hstc cookie, you’ve come to the right place.

Hubspot places the __hstc cookie on users’ browsers as the main cookie for tracking visitors to a business’s site. The __hstc is one of the primary trackers used by Hubspot and contains lots of useful information for businesses to use.

This article will detail the usefulness of the __hstc cookie, its function, and how long it lasts on your browser.

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The __hstc cookie is the primary tracking cookie placed by Hubspot. The function of this cookie is to track visitors to a site over a set period. The __hstc cookie provides a treasure trove of valuable information for businesses to measure their site’s performance.

The __hstc cookie contains information regarding the user’s first and most recent site visits. It also includes their current visit and the number of sessions they have started since the cookie was placed on their browser.

When a business looks at this data, they can see how many new visitors they get and the activity from returning visitors. These metrics can inform businesses how well their site attracts new users and keeps them returning.

This information can then be used to indicate what features of the site or links/ads that direct users to the site are performing well and which ones need improvement.

The _hstc cookie lasts for six months after being placed by Hubspot. In other words, Hubspot will continue tracking and collecting user data for six months unless manually removed.

Over this period, businesses can gauge a user’s interest through the number of sessions. Hubspot is a customer relationship management software, so this data helps businesses better understand their customers and how to maintain positive relationships with them.

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The __hstc cookie is placed by Hubspot and gathers information regarding visitors to a business’s website. This cookie collects information such as the time of the first visit, the time of the most recent visit, the current visit, and the number of sessions started.

The __hstc cookie lasts for six months and, over this period, gives businesses insight into their customers’ visits to their site. With this data, businesses can get an idea of what is performing well and what isn’t to find areas of their site to improve.

Businesses utilize customer relationship management software like Hubspot to optimize user experience by collecting instrumental data through cookies like __hstc. However, with this cookie, you must ensure your website is compliant with relevant laws like the GDPR and CPRA.

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