__utmv Cookie: What Does it Mean

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Using a Cookie Scanner and Trying to Figure out what the UTMV Cookie is?


You’ve heard of cookies being used to store user data. But have you ever thought about what that stored information actually looks like? The __utmv cookie is responsible for storing all the user’s data while classifying that data so it’s easier to segment.

If you’re still confused, don’t worry. We’ll explore in more depth what the __utmv cookie does in simple terms that everyone can understand.

Let’s dive right in.

What Does the __utmv Do & How is it Used?

The __utmv cookie is a Google Analytics cookie that helps to classify the visitor for easier segmentation and specific reporting.

This Google Analytics cookie is used to determine the scope of visitor enjoyment on websites by setting different level segments. For example, by setting a session-level segment, cookies like __utma can tell what time a user was active on your website. The __utmv will then store this collected data for reporting in segments of your choice for the report.

The __utmv website cookie helps website owners do segmentation on Google Analytics, which we just spoke about.

__utmv cookies can also be used to work alongside the _setVar() method, which allows you to set user values and segment the data of your choosing for more specific reporting. __utmv just makes your life easier when you are looking for particular data. For example, you can segment your website views by age, income or product preferences.

Much like the __utma cookie, __utmv is also a persistent cookie, so it lasts a lot longer than other cookies: for about two years. This type of cookie works by assigning user IDs to website visitors and can be removed if the user deletes the cookie from their device.

Last Words

If your website is seeing very high volumes of traffic, sorting through collected data because you’re looking for something specific can be time-consuming.

To make reporting more convenient for website owners, Google Analytics created the __utmv cookie, which helps classify the visitors and put them into certain segments. Knowing how to use it to segment your data will be a real game changer.

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