__utmz Cookie: What is It & What Does it Do?


Have you ever wondered how much traffic is visiting a website? How exactly is this traffic actually tracked, and why? Well, there is a cookie that helps with this. This cookie is an essential part of SEO.

Website traffic is monitored and stored by the __utmz cookie. While this may look like a bunch of random letters, it’s actually a really important tool for marketing strategies for businesses that use Google Ads or want to track marketing efforts in general.

Let’s dive into the ins and outs of __utmz cookies in simple terms that are easy to understand.

What is the __utmz Cookie?

__utmz cookie is a traffic source tool created by Google Analytics that is primarily focused on creating accurate statistics. It does this by storing information on user traffic to websites. For example, you can use this cookie to track how and when an internet user visits your website for the first time.

Some important SEO practices include using popular keywords to make your content more visible on search engines, and the __utmz cookie will store the results of the keyword typed in by the user and search engine used.

In a nutshell, this cookie can be used to see what keywords and search engines are working best for your business. For example, if your business is getting tons of traffic from Bing and you haven’t optimized your website for that search engine, doing so may yield great results.

How Long Does the __utmz Cookie Last?

The __utmz cookie lasts six months, which means after that period, it cannot store or read data from websites. During that time period, the __utmz cookie will work hard to keep track of website visitors and the source of the sales conversation. These sources will usually be from keywords or links.

There is an option to edit the cookie’s length by customizing the Google Analytics Tracking code.

If you are a user, you can delete the cookie in your browser anytime you want.

Last Words

The __utmz cookie is a vital tool when it comes to using statistics to improve digital marketing efforts. Knowing how to use this cookie can significantly improve how you keep track of conversation and marketing campaigns.