_gac Cookie: What Do These Cookies Do?

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While exploring the fascinating world of the internet, one might stumble upon certain cookies. Among these is the _gac cookie that has carved out its special space on many websites across the internet.

Introduced by Google Ads, a known giant in analyzing user habits online, the mystery behind _gac cookies is compelling. They operate invisibly on our browsers while contributing significantly towards crafting an intuitive browsing experience customized for you!

Are you curious about what makes them so important? Continue reading as we unravel more about this cookie!

The _gac cookie is a cookie that lives on your internet browser and quietly works with another cookie named the _gcl cookie. Both of them are created by Google Ads and work together to keep track of what you click on while surfing online.

Say, for example, if you’re browsing sneaker websites or clicking those shiny new phone ads – these cookies help report back about who viewed an ad or clicked it after seeing one earlier.

The data collected isn’t too personal, though. They don’t collect things like names, email addresses, or any of those where identity theft can come into play but only focus strictly on user preference(s), which comes in handy when curating better-targeted marketing campaigns.

When you click on an ad, the _gac cookie notes ‘Hey! The user just clicked an advertisement.’ It passes on this information to Google so the data can be accurately recorded.

Just like any other digital companion, the _gac cookie has a set time duration for which it lives. This little helper typically hangs around in your browser for 90 days after it’s set on your browser. You can remove these cookies before that period through your browser settings if you wish, though.

When you’re surfing around, it keeps an eye on your interactions and records the activity for 90 days. But after that magic number of 90 days is up… poof! The _gac cookie takes a bow and leaves.

But don’t worry if this makes you feel ignorant about them staying in your device unexpectedly long because they stick to Google’s privacy rules very strictly: storing no PII whatsoever.


So, in a nutshell? _gac cookies help make your web surfing experiences smoother to you as an individual. These are small digital notes that track clicks on Google Ads for better ad targeting.

Even though they stay within your browsing session for up to 90 days without collecting any personal data of yours, their role is critical: offering valuable insights for companies to deliver specifically tailored advertising beneficial both towards businesses.

Understanding how these elements work can provide helpful knowledge about online ads. It’s worth noting that you can delete these cookies in your browser settings if you wish to do so.

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