_lfa Cookie Explained (What is the Function of It?)

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Many cookies track unique users and visits to websites. However, most identification cookies typically use IP addresses to distinguish users. So, what do you do when you have multiple users from the same IP address? That’s where the function of the _lfa cookie comes into play.

The _lfa cookie distinguishes users from the same IP address, and the data it collects is used in targeted marketing efforts. The information benefits businesses and serves users with a customized experience we may take for granted.

This article will detail the _lfa cookie’s function, its purpose for businesses, and how long it lasts on a browser.

Let’s get started.

The _lfa cookie is a cookie used by Leadfeeder that assigns users a unique ID and can distinguish users even from the same IP address. After assigning an ID, this cookie collects data regarding that user’s visit to the site.

This kind of data includes time spent on each page and browsing information. The real magic of this data is that the _lfc cookie uses its remarkable identifying capabilities to assign the data to a specific user or account.

Businesses then use this data in account-based marketing, which utilizes the data assigned to a user’s account. In a business-to-business context, employees from the same business with the same IP address can be distinguished and offered more unique browsing experiences.

The _lfa cookie has different applications depending on the site and has different expiration periods. The _lfa cookie can typically last up to two years after being set on a user’s browser.

This cookie only collects information about a user’s activity on the site and nothing further – this means no PII is collected. Businesses only utilize this cookie for identification purposes based on accounts, so there is generally no need for other personal information.

Last Words

Cookies like the _lfa cookie work to assign IDs to users from the same IP address so sites can collect data specific to each user’s account. This data is an excellent tool for businesses to use in account-based marketing, mainly when targeting other businesses.

We may not realize that it can be challenging to distinguish users when they use the same IP, but the _lfa cookie takes care of this issue. In turn, marketing efforts can target the specific user based on their browsing data.

The identification powers of the _lfa cookie may go unnoticed but can never get enough credit for its role in account-based marketing for many businesses.

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