Top 12 Third-Party Risk Management Tools To Consider For Your Business


Every business knows that third-party risk management tools are pivotal in safeguarding an organisation against potential threats and vulnerabilities.  With many companies being interconnected, third-party risk applications ensure each organisation can stay updated with security risks and take steps to prevent them from occurring.  According to Statista, 34% of businesses experienced issues with their cybersecurity […]

Data Discovery Auditing: Ensuring Compliance Excellence with Captain Compliance


In today’s digital-first society, data is crucial for businesses to gain valuable insights and make decisions. However, despite its value, data can quickly become a liability when not managed properly. The number of data breaches in 2023 cost businesses in the USA $10 million, with many having to raise their prices to offset the costs […]

The Value of Data: Uncovering Hidden Gaps in Compliance

2025 Data Privacy Guide

Our digital-first society means even small businesses can capitalise on an international audience and scale their operations. However, with more opportunities comes more responsibility—especially with today’s regulatory landscape. Falling foul of the CCPA and GDPR could result in hefty fees, legal action and reputational damage, but data collection is instrumental in remaining compliant. It can […]

Understanding CPRA Right to Deletion: A Guide for Businesses


The CPRA right to deletion is a right that has many business owners scratching their heads. Some are trying to figure out what it means while others want to know how to comply with it completely. Luckily, this article will cover the CPRA right to deletion in detail, including who can exercise this right, who […]

CPRA Exemptions: 2024 Comprehensive Guide


The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) introduces crucial provisions that protect consumer privacy, and if businesses don’t follow these requirements, they could face hefty fines. However, certain consumer data types, businesses, and entities are exempt from the CPRA regulations. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn the scope of CPRA exemptions, to whom and when […]

What Are Third-Party Cookies? (What You Need to Know)

third party cookies

You’ve probably seen the term “Please allow third-party cookies” when you visit a website for the first time. Often, the message is accompanied by a little cookie emoji and some text, saying, “Hey, don’t mind me; I’m just one of those things you have to consent to!” But despite its friendly, casual name, third-party cookies […]

HIPAA Compliance Services (What is it & Why You Need it)

hipaa compliance services

HIPAA compliance. You may not have heard of it, or you may already be well aware of the policy. Either way, it is a non-negotiable for certain businesses, and if it isn’t adhered to, the impact could be monumental. But should your business be complain with HIPAA policy? Here, we will outline why HIPAA compliance […]

Crafting a Robust Data Mapping Strategy: Key Steps, Stakeholders, and Benefits


In the technology-focused business world, data mapping should never be a luxury but a necessity. Data mapping is pivotal in creating a strong culture of compliance and protecting vital information from data breaches. However, for data mapping to align with your business’s current needs and future growth, adopting a robust strategy is vital. While the […]

Exploring the Data Landscape: An In-Depth Guide to Data Discovery Tools


The digital revolution transformed how businesses operate, including collecting and storing data. Manual methods are no longer enough to ensure compliance and gain valuable insights from data collection. Data discovery tools are instrumental in analysing vast amounts of data and ensuring organisations can use the information to make decisions that result in continued growth and […]

Navigating the Sea of Options: A Captain’s Guide to Data Discovery Software


The modern business landscape isn’t without its challenges, and navigating the complex world of compliance is one of them. In a digital-first society, businesses can access endless data streams that facilitate decision-making—but it also presents serious risks. Data leaks and cybersecurity breaches are more common than they should be, with Statista highlighting that 19% of […]