Crafting a Robust Data Mapping Strategy: Key Steps, Stakeholders, and Benefits


In the technology-focused business world, data mapping should never be a luxury but a necessity. Data mapping is pivotal in creating a strong culture of compliance and protecting vital information from data breaches. However, for data mapping to align with your business’s current needs and future growth, adopting a robust strategy is vital. While the […]

Exploring the Data Landscape: An In-Depth Guide to Data Discovery Tools


The digital revolution transformed how businesses operate, including collecting and storing data. Manual methods are no longer enough to ensure compliance and gain valuable insights from data collection. Data discovery tools are instrumental in analysing vast amounts of data and ensuring organisations can use the information to make decisions that result in continued growth and […]

Revolutionizing Data Discovery with Innovative Solutions


In a society constantly seeing technological advances, businesses have more opportunities than ever to gather beneficial data and extract insights. However, as the data discovery landscape evolves, businesses must now navigate the increasingly complex task of remaining compliant. While traditional analysis tools have some applications, the introduction of advanced data discovery software is changing how […]

The Quest for Data Discovery Accuracy: Navigating with Captain Compliance


A significant part of data management is ensuring accuracy. Theoretically, it should be a relatively smooth journey, but many businesses find it fraught with choppy waters. Captain Compliance has years of experience in helping organizations navigate compliance successfully, and we know that maintaining data accuracy is crucial to reaping the full potential of the information […]

A Captain’s Guide to Data Discovery Software: Navigating the Sea of Options

Guide to Data Discovery Software

The modern business landscape isn’t without its challenges, and navigating the complex world of compliance is one of them. In a digital-first society, businesses can access endless data streams that facilitate decision-making—but it also presents serious risks. Data leaks and cybersecurity breaches are more common than they should be, with Statista highlighting that 19% of […]

Data Discovery Privacy: A Guide by Captain Compliance


Data discovery is an effective way for businesses to gather important information and use it to gain valuable insights and enhance decision-making. Before the GDPR and CCPA regulations took effect, organisations stored and shared data however they wanted to. However, today’s legislation has strict guidelines on how key stakeholders must gather and store consumer data. […]

Third-Party Cyber Risk Assessment: Best Practises in 2024


Do you know that the cost of cybercrime worldwide is around 5.7 trillion dollars? This cost is expected to increase to 13.82 trillion dollars by the end of 2028. Most of these attacks are experienced by third-party vendors. Therefore, it is in your best interest to have a third-party cyber risk assessment done to know […]

What Are Third-Party Cookies? (What You Need to Know)

third party cookies

You’ve probably seen the term “Please allow third-party cookies” when you visit a website for the first time. Often, the message is accompanied by a little cookie emoji and some text, saying, “Hey, don’t mind me; I’m just one of those things you have to consent to!” But despite its friendly, casual name, third-party cookies […]