bcookie: What is the Purpose of This Cookie?

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Websites everywhere have defense measures to prevent abuse, spam, and bad traffic. The bcookie is one of these measures that are indispensable in LinkedIn’s defense against abuse and misuse. So, what is the purpose of the bcookie? And what does it do?

LinkedIn places the bcookie on users’ browsers to detect, mark, and prevent any abuse on the site. Bcookie plays a significant role in LinkedIn’s defense and works tirelessly to maintain the integrity and security of the site.

In this article, we’ll cover the bcookie’s purpose, its role for LinkedIn, and how long it lasts after being placed on a user’s browser.

Let’s dive in.

What Does the bcookie Do?

The bcookie is a marvellous cookie placed on users’ browsers by LinkedIn. The bcookie assigns users a unique ID and attaches it to their specific device.

With this ID, LinkedIn can trace abuse on its platform back to the specific device and user, causing problems. Not only does this service help LinkedIn maintain a safe, efficient operating standard, but it also creates a better job searching experience for everybody on the platform.

How Long Does the bcookie Stay?

The bcookie is set by LinkedIn to stay on a browser for a whole year. The cookie will serve as an ID unique to that device, and LinkedIn checks and references that ID every time it accesses the site.

Like most ID cookies, the bcookie does not collect personal information and simply acts as an identifier for Linked In.

Final Words

Websites everywhere have their means of preventing abuse and misuse of their platform. The bcookie is LinkedIn’s way of identifying devices at the source of any abuse and allowing swift action against the user causing problems.

Anybody using LinkedIn can thank the bcookie for its outstanding service keeping us safe. Your business can learn from this example and employ similar cookies to prevent abuse on your site.

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