OneTrust vs Cookiebot: What’s Better for Cookie Consent?

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Many cookie consent platforms offer unique services and features for businesses today. Two of the most well-known platforms are OneTrust and Cookiebot, which offer simple-to-use data privacy software. But how can you tell which is better for cookie consent and compliance? To help you find out, we will compare OneTrust vs Cookiebot side by side.

Both platforms offer simplified compliance with regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), so the deciding factor between them will be the unique aspects like features and pricing.

To help your business determine the best platform for cookie consent, we’ll detail each platform, give a full review, and offer helpful alternatives to consider.

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

OneTrust is one of the most commonly used consent management solutions available. It offers a variety of compliance features that any business would love, but it is pricey and has a poor customer service reputation.

Cookiebot prioritizes simplicity and easy integration as a cookie consent solution. While the customization and automation are great, Cookiebot also suffers from a poor reputation for hidden fees and support.

Third-party compliance solutions, like Captian Compliance, offer a reasonably priced alternative with a similarly comprehensive list of features and offerings for your business.

What is OneTrust?

OneTrust is one of the largest data privacy management software available, with tens of thousands of customers worldwide. It was founded by Kabir Barday in 2016 and has seen rapid growth ever since.

OneTrust offers an extensive platform with up to 6 different components that work towards various goals in achieving consent. OneTrust’s software is centered around a constantly updating database that scours data privacy laws around the world to create materials and informative depictions of a business’s standing within these guidelines.

OneTrust’s ultimate goal is to simplify the compliance process for businesses regulated by laws like the GDPR and CCPA. The platform also contains risk assessments and other tools for businesses to optimize their site or platform.

What is Cookiebot?

Cookiebot is a cookie consent solution software developed by Usercentrics in 2012. Usercentrics is a widely used Consent Management Platform that aims to provide businesses with easy, available data privacy solutions and compliance with regulations like the GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and more.

Currently, Cookiebot is used on 1.4 million websites worldwide. The software offers compliance solutions in almost 50 languages and covers significant data protection laws from all corners of the globe.

Cookiebot claims to have the highest retention rate in the consent solution industry and emphasizes the simplicity of its platform. It suggests businesses follow its simple 3-step process to ensure compliance and easily obtainable cookie consent.

Cookiebot emphasizes its focus on simplicity and seamless automation, which makes its software easy to use. Cookiebot also offers a long list of customization options for businesses to use to ensure the platform matches their needs.

OneTrust Review

OneTrust is an all-in-one data privacy and security platform that offers a wide variety of services for your business. It covers privacy management, cookie consent, and data governance through a comprehensive set of solutions that ensure your business’s compliance with data privacy laws worldwide.

OneTrust offers a lengthy list of features divided into consent and privacy categories. Each solution has its own price, with the cheaper ones costing around $33-$45 per month/domain and the most expensive reaching up to $2000 per month.

If your business is larger and has more than 500 employees, OneTrust has an entirely different pricing system that can only be determined by contacting them.

OneTrust offers consent solutions for laws such as the GDPR, LGPD, PIPEDA, and the CCPA. The list of solutions includes mobile app consent, cookie consent, policy management, and automated data privacy rights updates.

With 10 total reviews on TrustPilot, OneTrust has an average rating of 2 stars. The reviews are a mix of poor performance from the software and even poorer customer support.

A one-star review on Trustpilot reads, “The backend crashes in Chrome and Safari. Support is like a black hole, with no response whatsoever.”

Key Features

Cookie Consent (web and mobile available)

Consent Rate Optimization Software

Privacy and Cookie policy management

Automated privacy rights updates

Targeted data discovery

Automated Data Mapping

Data Guidance Research

Third-party risk management


An extensive list of features and available solutions for your business to use

Covers several major data privacy laws from many countries

Offers a 1-month free trial for businesses with less than 500 employees


Each solution is separated by price, and some are pricey

History of backend failure with specific web browsers and mobile applications

Poor customer support and response time


OneTrust offers excellent solutions that your business can pick and choose from to ensure you receive just the service you need for simplified compliance and data privacy management.

However, these services can be pricey and add up to a hefty monthly bill. OneTrust has also received negative reviews regarding the product’s performance and support system.

At Captain Compliance, we offer a reasonably priced alternative to data privacy management platforms like OneTrust. Our team of compliance experts and engineers provides similar services to ensure your business can meet all of its compliance needs.

Our full compliance suite contains any personal data privacy, cookie consent, or risk management solution your business needs and is backed by trusted compliance professionals.

Cookiebot Review

Cookiebot is data privacy management software used in the Usercentrics’ consent management platform. Its most prominent characteristics are its emphasis on a user-friendly interface, ease of use, seamless integration for WordPress sites, and safe storage of personal information.

Plans for Cookiebot begin with a free option with a few customization options, only available in English. Premium plans start at $13 for small businesses, $32 for medium businesses, and $55 for large businesses. All plans include Cookiebot’s premium features, but the size difference allows for more or fewer subpages.

Cookiebot offers its original consent solution software and the many features included in the premium plans for the consent management platform. They also provide a free WordPress plugin, so your business can easily implement the platform on your wordpress site.

Cookiebot reviews are quite mixed, with both good and bad user reception. Some say it has worked great for them and was easy to implement on their site. Others say customer service is lacking, and they face hidden fees that are nearly impossible to clear up.

Cookiebot’s overall rating on TrustPilot, a customer service review site, is 2.1 stars with 48 total reviews, a surprisingly low rating. A 1-star review says, “Website isn’t scanned for cookies, have whitelisted the IPs, but still no cookies are scanned. Waiting over 2 weeks for support (for the premium version), no reply at all.”

Key Features

Premium plans for Cookiebot include a long list of features for users to enjoy with their site. Here is a list of the most significant features of a Cookiebot subscription.

Fully customizable cookie banner

Patented cookie scan system

Global cookie repository

Automated cookie declaration

Blocking and signaling

Secure storage for users’ information.


Automated scanning so you can continuously monitor cookies on your site

Blocks cookies and trackers until explicit consent is obtained

Provides updated cookie descriptions so your banner and policies can always remain up to date


No other solutions besides cookie consent are offered

No mobile deployment

Poor reputation with many customers experiencing unexplainable fees and poor customer support


Cookiebot has excellent, easy-to-use features that businesses can use to simplify their cookie consent journey in a simple three-step process. Though many negative reviews exist, Cookiebot’s product has received high praise and could significantly help your business in its compliance journey.

At Captain Compliance, we offer an affordable alternative to cookie consent software. Our services will ensure your business complies with all laws regulating it, including a customized cookie solution that fits your needs.

We bring years of compliance experience and knowledge that can assist your business with all your compliance needs at a reasonable price.

OneTrust Alternatives

If OneTrust does not suit your business’s compliance needs or price point, we have prepared alternatives that may better suit your goals.

Captain Compliance – Our complete list of compliance services includes anything your business could need, from cookie consent to risk management. We have years of compliance expertise and engineers backing our knowledgeable team of professionals here to help your business. We have data privacy experts that can help your business comply with any regulation, regardless of location, size, or type of your business.

Osano – Privacy management platform that guarantees compliance and offers to pay for any fines incurred while using its services.

Cookiebot – User-friendly cookie consent management platform with extensive customization features, a WordPress plugin, and automated scanning

Ketch – A complete, comprehensive service offering end-to-end protection of personal data and ensured compliance through and through

Scytale – Offers vast automated compliance solutions for a complete management hub that websites can use for data privacy.

TrustArc Privacy Management Platform – TrustArc combines a cookie consent platform and data subject rights management well in an easy-to-use data privacy management software.

Cookiebot Alternatives

Cookiebot offers easy-to-use cookie consent software with simplistic integration. However, If you do not feel that Cookiebot is right for your business, we have alternatives that may better suit your needs.

Captain Compliance – We are a data privacy software company offering companies an A-Z suite of compliance services. Our superheroes include seasoned compliance professionals with years of experience and knowledge. Captain Compliance offers solutions for businesses across industries and guarantees compliance with regulations anywhere in the world. Engineers and data privacy experts collaborate to find and help implement the best cookie consent solutions for your business.

Cookie Information – Privacy protection solution with cookie banner and GDPR/CCPA compliance guarantee.

Enzuzo – A more affordable alternative with an impressive list of features and solutions available for all businesses’ compliance journey.

OneTrust – More than 14,000 customers use this simple consent management platform that offers an array of personal data management solutions.

Mine – Thorough and detailed data privacy platform for businesses to use that ensures compliance

CookieYes – All-in-one cookie consent management platform that covers requirements from laws around the world


Several data privacy laws require your business to obtain consent to place and use cookies on users’ browsers and be transparent about this process.

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Most data protection laws require that your business obtain explicit consent and have a cookie policy. If you operate an online business, you can assume that you must obtain consent to use cookies.

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What do data management platforms do?

A data management platform combines personal data collection, storage, monitoring, and sorting into one comprehensive, easy-to-use solution.

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What do compliance solutions do?

Compliance solutions offer easy processes and guidance for your business to follow to ensure compliance with all regulations and laws.

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The maximum fine varies by law, but violating data privacy consent regulations can result in tens of thousands of dollars in fines. If the violation results in a legal case, the limit expands even higher.

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How Can Captain Compliance Help?

OneTrust and Cookiebot offer comprehensive compliance and data management solutions for businesses. Both platforms prioritize simplicity and offer top-of-the-line technology to make the compliance process as easy as possible for businesses.

However, both companies have received poor reviews for their service and pricing. At Captain Compliance, we offer your business a helpful alternative that may suit your needs better than these two platforms.

Our team of experts and compliance solutions guarantee your business remains compliant with any data privacy law.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation to learn more about what we can bring to your business.

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