NID Cookie: How Does This Cookie Work?

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Google uses many cookies to save advertising preferences and create more targeted marketing for its users. The NID cookie is one of the many cookies working with Google behind the scenes to make this happen. But how does the NID cookie work exactly?

The NID cookie is specifically used to save the preferences of users not signed in to a Google account on their browser. This function is beneficial for businesses utilizing Google Ads for marketing campaigns.

Let’s learn more about what the NID cookie does, the information it collects, why, and how long it lasts on a user’s browser.

Read on to find out everything there is to know about the NID cookie.

The NID cookie falls into the category of preference cookies. Google places preference cookies on a user’s browser to collect information about your preferred settings. Common information that these cookies collect includes language, SafeSearch, and browsing history preferences.

The NID cookie, in particular, collects information from users signed out of a Google account. This cookie assigns an ID to that user’s browser, allowing Google to provide that preference data to businesses using Google Ads.

This information means businesses can target their ads toward consumers who are more likely to be interested. For consumers, Google utilizes this information regarding your preferences to give you a more tailored browser experience, including the advertisements you see, regardless of whether or not you are signed in.

The NID cookie lasts six months on a user’s browser unless that user clears their cookies before then. This cookie uses an ID to collect that consumer’s preferences and provide valuable insights to businesses.

In addition to meeting the user’s preferences, your business can utilize the data to optimize its marketing campaigns and strategy—information regarding how a user interacts with your site or advertisement is increasingly valuable in digital marketing.


With the help of the NID cookie, Google can save the preferences of users even if they are not signed in on their browsers. This feature means all users will have an optimized browsing experience, and businesses can enjoy a broader range of users to target in their advertising efforts.

The NID cookie only lasts for six months but provides excellent insights for businesses into how consumers interact with their site and how they can optimize their marketing strategy. Preference cookies like NID work behind the scenes to create a better online experience for everyone.

Your business can utilize information collected by cookies like NID and further improve your Google Ads marketing efforts.

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