tsrce Cookie: What Does it Do & Is it Safe?

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To make the PayPal option available at checkout, the truth is there are many cookies at work. tsrce is one of these cookies and is crucial to many sites that wish to provide several payment options as a feature. To understand why the tsrce cookie is important, we can learn more about the security it provides us while shopping online.

The tsrce cookie is a cookie used by PayPal that is responsible for providing the option to use PayPal as payment while shopping online. Paypal utilizes the tsrce cookie as part of its security efforts to protect users and their payment information.

We’ll give you all the details about how PayPal uses the tsrce cookie and how long it lasts after placing it on your browser.

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The tsrce cookie is a cookie set by PayPal that enables the PayPal payment option for users making purchases online. The tsrce cookie is one of many cookies that PayPal places on a user’s browser when making a purchase that ensures a secured transaction. Without this cookie, PayPal would not be enabled on the website.

Thanks to cookies like the tsrce cookie, we can utilize PayPal on so many different sites and be assured our information is secure when completing a transaction.

We may take this security for granted and not realize the risk we would be exposed to without the extra steps taken by PayPal with cookies like tsrce.

The tsrce cookie lasts for three days after being placed on your browser. The cookie will be automatically deleted after this time.

The cookie ensures your payment remains secure until it is fully processed and completed. However, you can always remove and delete all cookies from your browser.

How Can Captain Compliance Help You?

PayPal places the tsrce cookie on our browsers to ensure a secure transaction during purchases on various sites. This cookie is part of the many cookies that PayPal uses to make the PayPal payment option available.

We can thank the tsrce cookie for keeping our information secure during our payments and allowing us the convenience of multiple payment options. The tsrce cookie lasts only three days on our browsers until our transaction is processed and completed.

Next time you purchase on a site using PayPal, you will know that the tsrce cookie is working hard to make that transaction possible.

If you manage a website with this cookie or have other cookies on your website, you must ensure that your website complies. Find out how to make your website compliant on a free consultation today.

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