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The topic of online consent is fiercely debated. As more people become aware and conscious of their digital footprint, more are demanding clarity and information about how their data is being processed and used.

There’s different levels of consent/permission and terms you should know of such as: Informed Consent, Granular Control, Revocable Permission, Clear Communication, and Record Keeping.

As a result of growing global privacy laws, consent management and abiding by local consent regulations and laws have never been more important.

Without a clear process of obtaining, tracking, and managing individuals’ data with their explicit consent, you open yourself up to serious fines and other negative impacts on your organization.

Especially when you are using first-party, second-party, or third-party cookies on your website.

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Ensuring your organization complies with consent regulations can be tricky, especially if you operate across more than one country due to differences in data protection laws and regulations. 

Each country has its own requirements for obtaining and managing consent, including factors such as the level of detail required in consent notices, the age at which individuals can provide consent, and the methods for obtaining valid consent.

It’s crucial for organizations to be aware of and comply with the specific consent rules in the jurisdictions where they operate or collect data.

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When learning about consent management, it’s crucial that you get to grips with the key principles you must abide by and how to implement those principles into your organization to ensure you’re compliance.

Fortunately, we’ve written an article that covers both aspects!

Our data mapping experts have written a full breakdown of every principle of consent management and implementation strategies you can use to make your company compliant.

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If you need more information on consent management, we’ve got you covered there too! The Captain Compliance team have created a large library of information on consent management, showing you exactly how to become compliant, handle customer data professionally, and build a sense of trust and loyalty with your target audience.

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