MineOS Alternatives: Keeping Your Business’s Data Secure in 2024

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As a business owner, you know how important it is to secure your data and ensure that your data management practices comply with local and global data privacy regulations. That is why many businesses use a data privacy compliance platform like MinOS. However, there are other MineOS alternatives your business should consider.

While MineOS is a popular choice for many businesses, this does not mean they may be a perfect fit for yours. In this guide, we’ll explore some great MineOS alternatives for your business in 2024.

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Key Takeaways

  • MineOS is a data privacy platform that focuses on data security and data privacy compliance solutions.
  • The best alternative for MineOS is Captain Compliance, which is a data privacy compliance solution that provides data security tools and cookie consent.
  • Other MineOS alternatives include Ketch, Security, Varonis, and UpGuard.

What is MineOS?

MineOS was originally founded in 2019 as a platform that gave data subjects more control over how, why, and where their personal data was being used online. The purpose was to provide a platform that focused purely on data ownership.

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was first introduced, MineOS also began offering data privacy tools for businesses to remain compliant with the upcoming data privacy regulations.

Since then, MineOS has earned itself various awards from G2, such as the most recent Leader Winter 2024. Currently, MineOS has helped 4 million users keep their data safe. Companies like Fifa and Zyte use MineOS.

Some MineOS G2 reviews have praised the platform saying, “MineOS allows us to simplify our data privacy workflows by allowing our customer support team to save time on handling our customer’s data privacy requests.”

MineOS uses a data governance platform that easily integrates with popular platforms like Asana, WordPress, Google Analytics and more.

On their platform, they offer services like AI governance tools, data mapping, DSR automation, and consent management. Their branded privacy center for your business gives you control over privacy choices.

In addition to the data security solutions, businesses can use MineOS to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations such as the CCPA, Colorado Privacy Act, and HIPAA.

MineOS offers businesses three packages for request handling, data mapping, and consent management. No prices are available for these packages, as businesses need to request a tailored quote.

MineOS Alternatives for 2024

While MineOS is one of the best platforms for reliable data security, this does not necessarily mean that it is the best platform for your business. Make an informed decision by reading through our list of MineOS alternatives.

Best MineOS Alternative: Captain Compliance

The best MineOS alternative that your business needs to look at in 2024 is Captain Compliance.

Captain Compliance is a compliance solution with a variety of services like cookie consent. Its team of data privacy experts and engineers can provide your business with effective data management and data security strategies.

Some data privacy solutions that we offer include:

  • Cyber security protocols
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Data protection strategies
  • Privacy policy creation
  • DSAR fulfillment
  • etc.

Many businesses looking to keep their business data secure want a compliance partner who understands the unique challenges they face. Captain Compliance understands this and offers solid data security solutions.


  • Ideal for businesses of all sizes
  • Assistance in creating data management policies
  • Data privacy experts
  • Easy-to-use compliance tools


  • Lack of upfront pricing


Another great alternative for data security is OneTrust.

OneTrust is a data governance cloud software provider that assists businesses with ensuring that their personal data management complies with data privacy regulations.

OneTrust has a Trust Intelligent Platform that is one centralized place for businesses to manage their data privacy. On the platform, OneTrust has four specialties:

  • Ethics and compliance
  • Privacy and data governance
  • GRC and security assurance
  • ESG and sustainability

A reason why so many businesses choose OneTrust is because they come with years of trusted experience and great scalability for businesses of all sizes.


Some pros of using OneTrust include:

  • Effective compliance tools
  • Reliable data security solutions
  • Flexible pricing


  • Comes with a sharp learning curve
  • Inconsistent customer support


Ketch is another alternative for businesses looking to manage data and comply with privacy. Ketch uses a Trust by Design unified platform that helps businesses streamline data security and compliance.

In addition to data security Ketch offers data privacy compliance tools like customizable cookie and disclosure templates, data mapping and DSAR support.

Ketch keeps your data secure from start to finish, even when your business is in the process of getting rid of data responsibly.


  • Flexibility in pricing
  • High standard of compliance tools
  • Good customer support


  • It comes with a steep learning curve
  • Plans are more expensive compared to other alternatives


Founded in 2018, Osano is another great alternative for businesses. Many businesses use Osano to help keep them compliant with data privacy regulations, especially risk management and consent regulations.

Their data privacy management platform comes with four products:

On top of that, Osano offers businesses a standout “no fines, no penalties” guarantee when they use their compliance tools. So fines up to $200,000 are covered.


  • Reliable compliance solutions
  • Excellent risk management tools
  • Four plans, including a free one


  • Osano free is limited
  • Lower-tier plans do not include compliance tools that business will need to achieve total compliance
  • Poor customer support


Businesses looking for a compliance partner that focuses on data security will want to consider using Securit.ai.

Securiti does this through the helpful Data Command Center. This platform helps businesses comply with laws such as the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), the GDPR, and China’s PIPL.

What makes Securiti a standout choice for data security is that they store your collected data in hybrid multi-cloud and SaaS environments


  • Quick and easy onboarding process
  • Tools are easy to use
  • Problem-free integration with existing platforms


  • Struggles with deployment on larger scales
  • Not suited for large businesses


Varonis is another data privacy platform that specializes in data security and provides efficient protection with its cybersecurity and compliance services. They do this by using patented machine learning and AI technology.

Their data security platform offers tools like AI security, policy automation, data discovery and data classification, and data security posture management to protect your business’s data.

Varonis offers business packages specifically designed for platforms like Windows file sharing, databases, and Microsoft 365. Their tools also integrate with popular platforms like Salesforce and Azure.


  • Excellent data security tools
  • Great customer support


  • It can be complicated to use
  • Comes with a high price point

Data Sentinel

Data Sentinel has been in the data privacy business for over twenty years and is a trusted compliance partner for many businesses.

What makes this platform such a popular choice is that it is built using AI and machine learning technologies like Varonis.

Data Sentinel helps businesses streamline their data privacy practices through the implementation of automated systems. These include strict reporting requirements and automated data mapping classifications. They also carry out DPAI and DPA assessments.


  • Real-time monitoring of data privacy practices
  • Automated systems


  • The onboarding process can be quite technical
  • Comes with a very steep learning curve


Since 1997, TrustArc has been providing businesses with data privacy compliance and consent solutions through the centralized privacy program, PrivacyCentral, and a Nymity Research tool.

The Nymity Research tool was designed to help businesses comply with data privacy regulations while keeping their data secure. The data inventory hub also helps your business identify possible risks.

In addition, they offer standard compliance tools like risk management, data mapping, incident management, assistance with policy management, and secure personal data storage.


  • Many years of trusted experience
  • Offers multiple plans and a free plan


  • Poor customer support


Founded in 2018, with the rise of updated data privacy regulations, Vanta is another great option for businesses. Their strength is data security.

They originally started with a focus on automating security monitoring for compliance standards like SOC 2 and HIPAA but branched out into data privacy compliance solutions as well.

Vanta provides tools for businesses to build security foundations with automated security checks and continuous monitoring for risks like data breaches.


  • Excellent data security tools
  • Uses holistic risk assessments
  • Suited for both big and small businesses


  • Poor usability
  • High costs compared to other alternatives


Last on our list is UpGuard, which offers an “always-on” vendor risk management solution for businesses that use third-party vendors to process, store, and collect their data.

Some standout features that UpGuard has are things like data leak detection, vendor risk assessment, and security ratings to improve your security posture. Follow up on these results with tailor-made reports.


  • Impressive data breach monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Reliable vendor risk tools


  • Does not offer as many data privacy tools as other alternatives


What are the three types of data security?

Three core elements of data security include confidentiality, integrity and availability, as outlined in data privacy regulations.

Learn how to use GDPR data inventory for data protection.

What happens if my business experiences a data breach?

The GDPR has provided guidelines on how to carry out data breach notifications. Failure to follow these can result in non-compliance.

Read through the GDPR data breach notification process.

How can my business prevent data breaches?

Choosing good data security software is one of the best ways to prevent data breaches, and Securiti or MineOS are good choices.

Explore data breach prevention practices.

Does my business need a data protection officer?

Not all businesses require a DPO, but if your business processes personal data on a large scale, you will need one.

Learn more about what a DPO is here.

How Can Captain Compliance Help?

In today’s world, when cybercrime is an always present threat, having the right data security partner is key to protecting your business in 2024.

Choose Captain Compliance as your data privacy management solution with excellent data protection tools. We offer

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solutions to ensure your business complies with relevant data privacy regulations.

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