OptanonConsent: What Do These Cookies Do?

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Have you ever enjoyed a website tailored perfectly to your interests and wondered how it happened? The mystery lies in the OptanonConsent cookie. This specific type of browsing tool comes into play every time you interact with websites using OneTrust’s services.

Imagine having a silent assistant storing your cookie consent preferences without revealing who you truly are – that’s what OptanonConsent cookies do!

Created by OneTrust, these handy helpers aim to enhance online journeys while preserving user safety and privacy.

Let’s find out more about them.

What is the OptanonConsent?

The OptanonConsent cookie is a type of digital tool that’s developed by OneTrust, an Atlanta-based privacy and security software provider. It springs into action when you visit websites using OneTrust’s services for their operations.

These specific cookies remember your consent preferences in relation to how different sites can use or store data on your device.

The main function of these cookies lies in storing information about the categories of other cookies that a site uses. They also note whether visitors have given or withdrawn their consent for each category.

This is a first-party cookie that fires when the OneTrust Banner CDN is deployed on a site. Its main function lies in indicating the consent status of users, which proves essential for adherence to global privacy norms.

They also contribute significantly towards maintaining privacy standards within gates of various web domains thanks to their inherent functionalities.

Moreover, these OptanonConsent cookies work behind the scenes to make sure your preferences are remembered each time you revisit a website. This eliminates the hassle of re-establishing privacy settings during subsequent visits and aligns with regulations related to digital consent.

The lifespan of an OptanonConsent cookie is set for one year. This means that once it’s created – when you first interact with a website utilizing OneTrust’s services, this respective type of cookie plans to reside in your browser for 12 months.

When the date expires at the end of this annual period (unless renewed or updated by another interaction) – these cookies are automatically deleted without needing any extra effort on the users’ part.

Let’s not forget, however, that control always resides within users’ hands regarding the duration and presence digital cookies should possess under their chosen browsing environment, so if desired, they can be removed earlier!

Last Words

All in all, OptanonConsent cookies play a critical role in tailoring your digital experience by safely storing your cookie consent preferences while you surf various sites. They stay on your browser behind the scenes for an entire year to remember your cookie preferences.

By retaining users’ consent preferences securely, OptanonConsent cookies can prevent unwanted or non-consented use of data.

Rest assured that these cookies are designed not to collect personally identifiable information directly and, therefore, respect user privacy whilst improving overall browsing experiences!

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