pxvid Cookie: What is it & How Does it Work?

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While you may know about cookies meant specifically for collecting your data, there are also many cookies that are placed to protect websites from attacks. You may not realize it, but the pxvid cookie does just that. So, what is the pxvid cookie?

The pxvid cookie is part of a more extensive set of security cookies on our browser known as perimeter X that works tirelessly to protect sites from bots and hackers. Business owners owe cookies like pxvid a favor for protecting against hackers and other attacks that could result from unfiltered traffic.

Let’s cover how the pxvid cookie works and how long it exists on a user’s browser to protect websites from potential threats.

The pxvid cookie is assigned to a user’s browser to distinguish them as human or bots. This cookie is used on various websites, including Booking.com. Along with the other cookies that form Perimeter X, pxvid detects any browser or request suspected to be a bot and blocks them.

The pxvid cookie allows safe traffic into a website while blocking potentially malicious traffic from entering for both the other user’s and the business owner’s safety.

Without filters and security measures like Perimeter X, websites would be bogged down with bot requests, creating slow performance and the potential for harm.

The pxvid cookie and the other cookies in Perimeter X last for one year on a given browser before expiring. These cookies have to last for some time due to the persistent nature of bots.

This cookie is solely a defence measure employed by websites looking to keep out all bot traffic. As such, it does not collect any information from a browser, even if it identifies the owner as human.

Last Words

Pxvid is part of the digital safety filter created by perimeter X. This filter keeps out intrusive and malicious bot traffic that can negatively affect a site’s performance and harm the site owner and user alike.

Businesses definitely owe their thanks to cookies like pxvid for ensuring all bots and malicious traffic are kept out. However, consumers can also be grateful for the cookies’ contribution to maintaining a well-performing site.

Without defense against malicious bots that spam and clog requests, we would not have the smooth browsing experience many websites offer.

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