Joel Lim

Hey there, I'm Joel, the editor at Captain Compliance. I'm from the Seattle area, and I own several blogs and help websites optimize for SEO and overall compliance. My work has everything to do with SEO, so I have a high level of expertise in GPPR, ADA, CPRA, and more. I have been working in this field for over three years, optimizing my own websites at first and other websites later on. I have always enjoyed working with websites, and I've made dozens of mistakes over the years that I don't want you to go through. So, I'm happily editing here at Captain Compliance so I can let you know the best steps to take in terms of compliance.

I spend some time writing for a wide variety of websites and for leisure as well, so it's great that I get to write here! I have written several marketing articles on websites like MarketProfs and Startup Nation and have hundreds of blog posts across all my blogs. When I'm not optimizing websites or writing, I enjoy reading a good self-improvement book, hiking nearby trails, running in my neighborhood, playing chess, practicing martial arts like kung fu and krav maga, watching good comedy movies, and drinking bubble tea.


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